Zinc alloy ring buckle Old brand ring custom manufacturer

by:Ipromo     2021-06-03

  There are also many kinds of phone ring buckle brackets, some of which are made of different materials, some are plastic, some are zinc alloy, some are iron, and so on. Although there are many types, their feel and comfort are incomparable. Of course, plastic die-cutting requirements are not high and the price is relatively cheap. Iron feels uncomfortable and the price is relatively cheap. Zinc alloy ring buckles require very high processing technology, more process procedures, and more expensive costs. But the big advantage is that it is environmentally friendly, has a beautiful surface, a comfortable feel, and a fair price.

  The ring buckle can also be used as a mobile phone holder. Regardless of the environment, the ring buckle can stably support the mobile phone to ensure that there are no problems in the process of watching the video. It can be seen that the functions of the ring are extremely rich. Despite such powerful functions, the popularity of ring buckles is obviously not just this advantage. Specifically, on the one hand, the mobile phone ring buckle can reduce the pressure of one-handed operation of the mobile phone, making the operation easier. Of course, anti-dropping is also an extremely important reason. For users, security is always a bit.

Most of the reasons for the birth of    phone case ring buckle is to prevent the phone from accidentally falling. Especially when the screen of the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, the pressure of using the mobile phone with one hand is increasing, so the need for the anti-drop function is becoming more and more obvious. The ring buckle of the phone case does prevent the phone from accidentally falling, and on the bus or subway, the ring buckle of the phone case can not only prevent accidental falling, but also has the effect of preventing theft. More importantly, if you have a phone case ring buckle, you don’t need but your phone falls into the toilet anymore.

  Which position of the mobile phone ring sticker is easy to use: It is better to stick it in the middle, the placement is relatively stable, and the two sides of the sticker are symmetrical in the middle and it is more beautiful.

  1. On the back, you can see where your middle finger or index finger is when you hold the phone, so you can stick it so that you can pass it through. Put the ring buckle without the sticker on the middle finger of the common hand, hold the phone with one hand, find a comfortable position, and mark the position with a pen that can remove traces. Remove the ring buckle, tear off the sticker and stick the ring buckle to the phone according to the markings and remove the marks on the phone;

  2, it’s better to have a phone case, although the rubber of the ring buckle is removable. , But the longer it is attached to the phone itself, the tighter it becomes, and it’s hard to get it off after too long. Pasting is very simple, just peel off the glue and paste it directly. If the display is not good, just unplug it and paste it again.

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