Zhongshan paint refrigerator magnet customization

by:Ipromo     2021-06-27

Zhongshan baking varnish refrigerator magnet customization

Aipuro Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of golf forks. The business types include: cartoon bottle opener, flashing light bottle opener , Magnetic ball fork, hollow bottle opener, three-dimensional refrigerator magnet, frosted refrigerator magnet, cartoon refrigerator magnet, logo refrigerator magnet, magnetic bottle opener, hollow refrigerator magnet, magnet ball fork, epoxy bottle opener, enamel bottle opener Ware, tinplate refrigerator magnets, flashing ball forks, etc. We also welcome people from all walks of life to point out the shortcomings of our products and services. Your criticism is our progress, and your needs are our pursuit. We will definitely go all out to develop in our direction. At the same time, we warmly welcome people from all walks of life and customers to visit and guide the factory.

Encyclopedia of beer bottle opener size 1, hippocampus bottle opener. The hippocampus bottle opener generally includes a handle, a screw, a serrated blade, a beer bottle opener, etc. It is a multi-functional bottle opener. The general handle size is 12.4 cm, the screw screw size is 7.0 cm, and the beer bottle opening size is 7.4. cm. Some are 128*27 cm, or 138*38 cm. But they all have one characteristic: small and easy to carry. 2. Air pressure bottle opener. The pneumatic bottle opener has a simple shape and does not have many other accessories. The general size is 19/19.5 (length) * 2/5 (diameter) cm.

Magnetic refrigerator stickers are used as home decorations, decorated on refrigerators, and can also be displayed on tables, wine cabinets, bars and other places you like. Magnetic refrigerator magnets with built-in magnets will not affect the overall appearance, and can be flexibly attached to any household items that can be absorbed by magnets. Store display, photography background, movie props, three-dimensional menu, hobby collection. There are some important things. You can write a note on the magnetic refrigerator sticker to remind your family and leave some warm words to your family. This is also very warm and romantic.

Zhongshan paint refrigerator magnet customization

Our company wholeheartedly cooperates with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future, go international with colleagues and customers, make progress together, and build a benchmark enterprise in the industry. Let more colleagues show their own style on the national stage, prove their value, and jointly create an enterprise that can solve, respond, and be spiritual and happy for customers. We keep pace with the times, merge customer first, quality first, respond quickly to customer needs, employees have good attitudes and ideas, production efficiency and quality control have been recognized by consumers for a long time, and we have established long-term cooperative relations with customers . To achieve quality as the truth, customer first, and honesty as the foundation for business.

Magnetic refrigerator magnet made of horse iron. The key processing technology of this type of refrigerator magnet includes the processing technology of rubber magnetic sheet and four-color printing wrapping paper, which are made by each other. . Magnetic refrigerator stickers are a kind of decoration that cannot be lacked in home life. Naturally, its function is far more than this. You can also stretch it into various shapes of animals, or fill in the creative spirit of animated character design. Or it can be closely combined with the photos of the host’s family to make a very good collection. In addition, many companies now use magnetic refrigerator stickers with their own company's logo to make promotional gifts, and the sales volume is still very good.

Reveal the mystery of the wine corkscrew. The T-shaped corkscrew is one of the simple and ordinary corkscrews. It consists of a screw bit and a handle. Its usage is also very simple, but its disadvantage is that it is used It’s more laborious and it’s easy to break or pull off the cork, which will cause more pollution to the wine. The Ah-So corkscrew is also one of the easy-to-use corkscrews. It consists of two iron pieces and a handle, and the operation is very simple. Just insert the two pieces of iron into the gap between the edge of the wine bottle and the cork, and then gradually rotate it from right to left to pull out the cork.

As a home decoration, refrigerator stickers can not only decorate the refrigerator, but also display them on desks, cabinets and other places. As a little cute thing with a 'message board' function, refrigerator stickers can also warmly promote family members communicate with. Refrigerator magnets have various forms and are very popular with everyone. In recent years, they have become a must-buy for travel souvenirs. It is very interesting to see the collected refrigerator stickers all over the house. Refrigerator magnets are small household accessories that are attached to refrigerators or steel or iron materials. In foreign countries, it is used as a small tile for reminders of family shopping lists, fixed reminders for family members, and it is also a very popular souvenir and collectible. Resin, zinc alloy metal, wood, glass, soft glue, etc. can all become the material of refrigerator magnets.

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