Zhongshan Epoxy Cockade Design

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Zhongshan Epoxy Cap Badge Design

Aipuro Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of cap badges. The business types include: three-dimensional cap badges, enamel tie clips, guild cufflinks, logos Belt buckle heads, professional cufflinks, three-dimensional belt buckle heads, Lions cufflinks, cartoon belt buckle heads, magnetic belt buckle heads, magnet cufflinks, three-dimensional cap badges, etc. Our factory is a domestic-funded enterprise specializing in the production of various metal craft products, with advanced equipment and professional technology, the company is constantly innovating products to meet the different needs of customers. The main products are: zinc alloy badges, stamping badges, etching badges, printed epoxy badges, tinplate badges, imitation enamel badges, acrylic badges, advertising badges, cap badges, school badges, epaulettes medals, badges, commemorative coins, keychains, dogs Craft products such as brand, tie clip, bottle opener, cufflinks, refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, etc.

Cufflinks are the finishing touch to a gentleman's dress, the expression of a man's exclusive hormonal breath, a single product that measures a gentleman's taste, and a hidden secret of a man's entire exquisite dress. No wonder Zhang Ailing once said, 'A man's cufflinks are like women's delicate earrings.' Perhaps because cufflinks have a long history of development, it looks so mysterious and elegant. From the 14th to the 17th centuries, people used ribbons or strings to fasten the cuffs to prevent dust and cold wind from entering the sleeves. Later, the Greeks began to decorate the cuffs with jewels, and cufflinks gradually appeared.

Choose the right tie clip. Before using the tie clip, be sure to choose a suitable tie clip for yourself. A suitable tie clip is low-key and connotative. Don't choose tie clips that look particularly shiny when choosing a tie clip. Otherwise, the tie clip will look too ostentatious and steal the limelight of the tie. The position of the tie clip must be appropriate, and the tie clip must be used after the tie is finished. In this case, the position of the tie clip must be appropriate. If the position of the tie clip is too high, it will look abrupt. If the position of the tie clip is too low, the coat will block the tie clip. When using a tie clip, the more appropriate position is between the third to the fourth button of the shirt.

Zhongshan Epoxy cap badge design

We are a solid, sincere and passionate team of gift customization. We are young, based on unity, enthusiasm and fun, and have the same wish: 'To be the most accurate gift solution service team on the Internet'. Our realization is based on the common values u200bu200bof customer-oriented. These values u200bu200bare the foundation of our work and even a culture of innovation and mutual integrity. We are also looking for people who have the same positive attitudes and values u200bu200bas we do.

Cufflinks are matched according to the weather. In addition, the color of the cufflinks will be different in different weather. If the weather is gloomy, wear some brighter-colored cufflinks on your cuffs. Choose cufflinks with the same color as belt buckles and tie clips. Attentive men are more particular. They will buy branded belt buckles, tie clips, and cufflinks. Choose cufflinks according to different personal styles. Cufflinks with metal materials and simple geometric shapes are stable and strong, but relatively modest, suitable for low-key and restrained men. This kind of cufflinks is the best for men. A safe choice.

Tie clip: In today's exquisite sense, a tie clip is indispensable. It can avoid the embarrassment of tie shooting, but many men don't use it. The first is the size. A tie clip with a length of 4cm can basically fit all ties. It is a necessary thing for men to learn the etiquette of suits. When wearing a suit, ensure that the colors of the upper and lower garments are consistent, and the matching colors should have two plain colors, and the overall dress should not exceed three colors. , Otherwise it will make people feel that your aesthetic is not good.

So what are cufflinks? According to legend, Cufflink originated in ancient Greece. It should be from the 14th to 17th centuries, from the Gothic Renaissance to the Baroque period, one of the most popular men's dressing arts in Europe. For men who value taste, cufflinks may be the smallest decoration in addition to rings. Because most of its materials are made of precious metals, and some are also inlaid with diamonds, gems, etc., they have been put on the aura of nobility since their birth. Therefore, cufflinks have become the only single product for people to judge the taste of men, and they are selected and matched. , Use is all a man's learning.

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