Zhejiang Epoxy Bottle Opener Die Casting

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Zhejiang Epoxy Bottle Opener Die Casting

Aipuro Arts u0026 Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of bottle openers. The business types include: tinplate bottle openers, flashing light refrigerators Stickers, frosted ball forks, three-dimensional ball forks, paint bottle openers, frosted bottle openers, metal refrigerator magnets, metal ball forks, metal bottle openers, tinplate ball forks, etc. The factory is constantly innovating new products to meet the different needs of customers. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and all over the country. It has more than 10 years of production and management experience. The company has always taken 'reputation and service' as its business policy to create Industry brand goals. The Mingshun company team is a team that strives to make progress and strives for perfection. After years of hard work, it has been trusted and supported by customers at home and abroad. 'Doing business with Mingshun is to rest assured'-this is the life goal that Mingshun people have been pursuing now and in the future. Mingshun company has strong and professional production technology, exquisite craftsmanship and low prices. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come and order with drawings and samples. Welcome customers to call, write or visit our factory for guidance.

The soft refrigerator magnet is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, special transparent silica gel, a two-component high-strength, high-transparency, high-tear, soft-feel, strong adhesion, and a new type of printing planting glue with low shrinkage. . I have to admit that the strength of soft fridge magnets should not be underestimated. 1. Multi-color three-dimensional, smooth gap between product color and color, seamless appearance, smooth appearance, and comfortable hand feeling. 2. The soft and high-strength silicone material can be used indoors and outdoors for a long time, which is very suitable for use in family restaurants. 3. Comfortable hand feel, convenient to clean, only need to wipe with water to restore cleanliness, and can be used repeatedly.

Refrigerator stickers are usually used for decoration. It is also used for memos, namely small notebooks. For example, if you want to buy vegetables or other foods in the refrigerator, you can remember to use refrigerator stickers on paper. Paste it. Refrigerator paste is divided into two types: magnetic paste and non-dry paste. The magnetic paste can be reused, and the non-stick is disposable. It is generally used for decoration, but it also has the function of recording the food stored in the refrigerator. In short, there are many functions. The other is a functional refrigerator sticker, which has a thermometer to check whether the refrigerator shell generates static electricity, etc. In addition, the various patterns printed on the PVC refrigerator sticker are the finishing touch and are a rare practical daily necessities!

Zhejiang Epoxy Bottle Opener Die Casting

The company specializes in the production of metal gifts, with development, mold manufacturing, stamping (copper, iron, aluminum, stainless iron), corrosion, Zinc alloy die-casting, centrifugal casting (low-temperature zinc alloy, pure tin), polishing, electroplating, coloring (baking paint, imitation bead wave), printing (planar and offset printing) glue, assembly and other metal crafts supporting processes! The main products are: badges, commemorative coins, keyrings, luggage tags, bag holders, mobile phone straps, bookmarks, cufflinks, signs, PVC various craft accessories! The company's products are sold in Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia. All products meet today's environmental protection requirements (can be tested by yourself)! And expect to find long-term partners in the domestic market, and cooperate and sell in various ways such as OEM or establishing its own brand.

What is the purpose of the golf fork? Used to repair the bullet marks caused by golf balls on the green. All golfers should take them with them, and professional players have them. If professional players are like this, we should do it even more. If you don't have a ball fork, you can use a T tip to repair it. In short, you should take the initiative to repair it. Don't think it is what the caddie should do. Each of us golfers should do it personally. In addition, the turf that has been hit on the fairway should also be actively laid and tapped with the club head. Why does the fridge magnet stick on the refrigerator? Magnetism is particularly powerful~ He has a super power that can summon his friends in the air. If you don’t like it, you will push them far away. This is the characteristic of magnetism. It can attract and repel objects. . Just like the refrigerator magnets we often see, there is a small magnet on it that is magnetic, so it can be attached to the refrigerator~

The benefits of magnetic refrigerator magnets in Dongguan are constantly improving, and many Things are changing. In the past, most of the refrigerator stickers that were attached to the refrigerator were all self-adhesive, but now we will find that many places use magnetic refrigerator magnets. What are the benefits of this kind of refrigerator magnets, now come to further understand. From the aesthetic point of view, the magnetic refrigerator magnet has a better 3D effect and looks more beautiful. The overall shape is more diversified. Everyone can choose according to their own personal hobbies, and then make a choice. Tourist souvenirs from some countries are also related things. We can put them on the refrigerator when we get them at home. They are very beautiful.

Why refrigerator stickers can become the darling of souvenirs? Because it takes into account the three characteristics of regional characteristics, portability and easy preservation. Let's talk about the regional characteristics first. The refrigerator stickers are a gadget, but the regional characteristics are obvious. The fridge magnets you see in Paris must be completely different from the ones you see in London. Even in the same country, the refrigerator magnets you see in different cities are different. For example, the refrigerator magnets in Prague. You can see Castle Hill, Tyn Church, Dancing House, etc., but go to the library seventy kilometers away. Tena Hora, most of the refrigerator stickers you see are the most famous bone church in the area. Therefore, refrigerator stickers have distinct regional characteristics. Seeing the landmarks on the refrigerator stickers to guess the place names is also a good opportunity for travel control to 'show off' insights.

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