Xiamen Metal Souvenir Plate Procurement

by:Ipromo     2021-06-22

There is a big difference between custom-made commemorative metal commemorative plates and ordinary metal commemorative plates, which also contains many difficulties. Understand these difficulties clearly, and solve them in a suitable way, so that there will be no problems in the customization. Let's follow to understand what the main difficulties are? Maybe some people feel that when choosing a commemorative metal commemorative plate to order, how can the choice of materials be a difficult point in ordering, choosing any one can meet the standardization requirements. When you really choose certain materials, you will find that the aesthetics of the memorial metal memorial plate made by it is not up to the standard, or its overall sense of craftsmanship is not very prominent, and its texture is not particularly good. , Completely unable to meet one of my requirements for the memorial metal memorial plate. After all, it is a prominent memorial, so when customizing, you must compare all aspects of different materials, and then choose which material is suitable for you.

It is said that it is difficult to give gifts. Travel metal commemorative plates will help you! With the rapid development of society and the continuous openness of thinking, people's social activities are becoming more and more frequent, and in various festivals, it has become a bright color for people to give gifts to each other. Speaking of the word gift giving, many people act as both gift givers and gift recipients, but they often feel a headache when giving gifts. Not only does giving gifts make people encounter problems, but sometimes receiving gifts can also make people feel awkward. In the editor's opinion, the embarrassment that many people encounter when giving gifts is nothing more than these kinds of situations. First, the quality of the gift is too low, so that even if the recipient receives the gift, he does not feel the slightest joy in his heart; Second, the gifts that many people give are almost exactly the same, which makes the recipients feel dumbfounded. In the face of repeated gifts, many people can only accept them even if they don't want to receive them because of face.

Procurement of metal commemorative plates in Xiamen

I believe many people know the metal plates, and there are also some people who like to collect some metals. Some people say that the current metal commemorative plates are like this One of the more popular types of collections, so I want to collect this type of collection. Then, what kind of problems should I pay attention to when collecting this type of collection? Speaking of metal, I believe many people know it, and some people usually like to collect some metal, which is one of the more popular types in this kind of collection. Therefore, I also want to collect this type of collection.

The general product materials used in stamping metal memorial plates are copper, red copper, red copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc. Among them, because the copper is soft, suitable for making badges, dog tags, and cufflinks, the lines of the copper press products are clear, followed by zinc alloy products. Of course, because of the material price, the corresponding copper press products are also expensive. But the mold cost is slightly cheaper than zinc alloy. The stamped surface can be used for various electroplating effects, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating, ancient silver plating and other different plating effects. At the same time, the concave part of the stamping product It can also be processed into a matte effect, etc., so as to produce a variety of exquisite stamping badges.

Metal commemorative plates can’t just look at the weight of the metal commemorative plates. It needs to be viewed from multiple aspects. At the same time, among the metal trophies, some are customized by the enterprise, of course there will be individuals to customize, and there will be units to customize. Sometimes, related regulations will be made according to the number of customizations. There are also differences in related costs for metal commemorative plates of different meanings, so the amount of metal commemorative plates is affected by many factors. But no matter how much the cost is, we will be cheaper than other custom companies. So choosing us is a good choice, and we will not disappoint customers.

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