Wonderful keychain story

by:Ipromo     2021-06-07

The lock, the gatekeeper, the protector of property. The key is its companion, a key to open a lock, a perfect match. Are the keys portable? Hang them together with a keychain, and hang some small cards and small ornaments on them, which is practical and convenient. The usual keychain becomes novel and unique in the hands of creative inventors.

Nowadays, many people like to go to the mountains and water, especially in summer, to go to the rivers, lakes and seas, to play in the water. If you are not careful and the key in your pocket falls into the water, it is really 'Chinese pepper falls into the rice-mochi (annoying)'! Don't worry, the inventor will let you save you from danger.

There is a flat gadget hanging on the keychain, which is not surprising, ordinary. But once it falls into the water, it's impressive. It turned out that the mystery was hidden in the flat box. After falling into the water, the box will open to both sides, and a cylindrical plastic bag in the middle will automatically inflate. The fully inflated pillar will 'bounce' the ground due to the buoyancy and pop out of the water, high. Ah, the key has come up by itself! Lost and recovered, making the master happy. The keychain of the 'lifebuoy' is so great!

Car keychains not only carry a 'lifebuoy

Nowadays, people have a lot of things, and sometimes they can’t find their keys. This is a big deal! Forgetting at home, you can’t go back home without a key when you go out: fall outside , If it is picked up by bad people, the consequences will be more serious. So I searched and searched, sweating profusely and hurriedly. The inventor put such a thing on the keychain_, and 'hand in hand' the key with the mobile phone. Don't worry if you can't find the key!

'Wow' yelled, and looked around, 'Oh, here it is!'

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