Will the plating color of the metal badge never fade?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-05

Our common metal badges'>Metal badges are made of materials such as iron, copper, zinc alloy and so on. They look high-end and exquisite. The surface must have an electroplated layer, and the electroplated layer is protective.

  The common electroplating colors are gold, pearl nickel, bronze, ancient bronze, rose gold and so on. Will the plating color of the metal badge never fade?

  Take gold as an example. Real gold is expensive. We will only electroplate real gold when the customer specifically states that it needs to use real gold. Other general electroplating of ordinary gold will not be as easy to oxidize and lose color like imitation gold, nor will it be as expensive as real gold. There are generally three reasons for the fading: First, the bottom layer is not good. The gold plating should be backed with silver plating. The color of the copper or nickel plating will change because the copper or nickel will diffuse into the gold layer. The second is that the gilding layer is too thin. Third, it was not thoroughly cleaned with pure water.

Metal products are more likely to oxidize and fade in a humid environment. Therefore, if customers use improperly, such as after washing their hands, their hands are stained with water or if they have dirty hands, then touch them. Rub metal badges, then I believe no matter how good the electroplating is, it will not withstand the rubbing of customers. Generally, the badges are not worn on the chest or packed in the packing box. The electroplating color will not fall off quickly.

   Therefore, whether a product can be used for a long time is not only a problem of the product quality itself, but also whether the user properly maintains it is also very important. Some customers come up and ask if the color will never fade, then we can't guarantee that it will never fade, it's just a matter of time.

 As long as it is used properly and the collection method is correct, the time for a qualified metal badge to be guaranteed not to fade is generally within 2 years. Some customers said that after those two years, the color faded will be very ugly, and shouldn't it be scrapped? Actually, think about it carefully, the pure silver and gold commemorative coins designated by the state will oxidize and fade, not to mention ordinary metal badges. What we do is not commemorative coins and medals, but metal badges, which are mainly used in time-sensitive occasions such as annual meetings, exhibitions, and gifts.

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