Why does a marathon need a marathon medal?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-03

How many marathon races are there,

Is it for better that award-winning trophy?

The marathon trophy is the interpretation of the marathon.

It is a badge of 42.195 kilometers.

Every kilometer,

It's all sweat on the body,

and my perseverance.

The marathon trophy is the proof of self-breakthrough.

It is the effectiveness test after every battle.

Manipulate yourself well,

Achieving a successful challenge is a reflection of self-discipline.

The marathon trophy is an encouragement for lonely patients.

It is a person's emotional adjustment after suffering all the suffering,

passing through sweat,

after experiencing wind.

The marathon trophy is a personal business card for the mobility of big cities.

It is the main manifestation of the most complete combination of local characteristics.

Each trophy is a trip.

It is the most immediate recognition of this big city. Know,

is memory.

Every time the trophy changes,

It's all a new exploration.

About people, about games,

about this city.

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