Which materials are commonly used in jewelry stores to make keychains

by:Ipromo     2021-06-01

Keychain, also known as keychain, key ring, key chain, key hanger, etc. The materials for making keychains are generally metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc. This thing is exquisite, compact, and ever-changing in shape. It is a daily necessities that people carry with them every day.

  Keychain is a kind of decorative item hanging on the key ring. Choosing the key to match your favorite keychain can not only reflect your personal mood and personality, but also show your taste and bring yourself a happy mood.


The jewelry store has the most materials of this kind;

1. Using PVC Korean materials, DINP oil, KM31 powder is environmentally friendly PVC, and it does not contain any phthalate{ Phthalates (or esters)} certification. Soft PVC products (micro-injection) use imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique craftsmanship, are made of the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft plastic materials, imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique craftsmanship, product quality through European toy safety Standards EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3. (Products are sold well in European and American markets), the keychain part can be used as a key ring, which can be produced in different shapes, sizes and specifications according to customer requirements, and can be printed with corporate LOGO patterns and cartoon shapes, at a preferential price , Is an ideal gift for various corporate promotional activities

2. Various effects, the surface can be flat, 2D three-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, etc.; transparent oil can also be added to make it transparent, Translucent; add fluorescent powder to make luminous; add flavor to make scented; you can also put a compass, thermometer and other small accessories. Home decoration is suitable for occasions. Promotions are suitable for a variety of industries. The price range is less than 1 yuan. This product has a strong three-dimensional effect, bright colors, a good hand feel, a good visual effect, and a good decoration and advertising effect!

3. They are beautiful and generous in appearance, small and exquisite; the pattern diversity is also produced by rich imagination, and its patterns are diverse, including heart-shaped, Christmas tree, butterfly, and Various cartoons, various small animal shapes, very realistic and cute., Beautiful and generous, is a fashionable decoration, loved by boys and girls, soft, long service life, non-irritating to the skin, etc. It is the most popular in Europe, America and other countries Fashion accessories are also the best choice for new humans, making you full of coolness

At a time when technology is essential for metal keychains, ensuring that it works in a symbiotic way with your human employees is key.
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metal keychains are raising the stakes of social marketing, but they also ease the sales process by providing ways for china keychain factory to effectively interact with customers.
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