Whether your resin crafts ornaments are stored improperly

by:Ipromo     2021-06-25

Lovely animal and plant-like art resin crafts ornaments are gradually coming into our field of vision. Because of their bright colors and strange shapes, they are loved by many people. Its significance is not only the externally displayed decorative effect, but also its connotation. The deduction of elegance and humanistic feelings makes the room space instantly envelop a different kind of artistic sense, which is also The unique charm of resin crafts.

If you put the resin crafts on the cabinet for a period of time, there must be some dust. At this time, you may take a dry cloth soaked and wring it dry, wipe it, and even pay attention to the dust in its small places. In fact, this cleaning method is wrong and should not be cleaned with a wet cloth, because the resin is a kind of This kind of relatively special material, if used for a long time in this wet cleaning, it will absorb a part of the water, which will cause the material to fade or other conditions. So we just need to simply use a feather duster or a dry towel to dust off the dust, there is no need to perform extra operations. For example, cleaning with some corrosive liquids is not advisable. The paint on the surface and even the internal materials may be corroded.

Not only cleaning and maintenance, but also particular attention to storage. The first is the problem of sun protection. Do not place it in direct sunlight. Long-term exposure may have a certain impact on the resin material, and even cause fading and cracking. Therefore, it is generally not placed near the window, some aisle wall holes, sofas, or side cabinets are all acceptable. Another thing is that you can't stay in a humid environment for a long time. Some resins will have moldy and long hair because of the humid environment, making them no longer bright. Finally, there is the problem of Feng Shui. Some ornaments have a certain meaning, such as resin brave, golden toad, etc. These are excellent Feng Shui crafts, so you need to pay more attention to the placement, and consider the multi-faceted Circumstances, find a good location for Feng Shui decorations, and need to understand certain taboos to make it work. Whether it is gathering wealth, seeking health, or seeking luck, it can have a certain effect.

If you want to buy the resin crafts and ornaments in such a perfect state in the future, you can choose a glass cover, place it in it, and put a small glass of water inside to ensure its air humidity , Can not accumulate dust, and can have an excellent sense of gloss, whether it is decoration or as a handicraft art is extremely suitable.

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