What should you pay attention to when cleaning couple keychains in summer?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-13

In summer, due to the very hot weather, both men, women and children will sweat profusely. This also makes the keychains worn by people stained with sweat, which affects the beauty of the keychains. Couples pay more attention to the cleanliness of the couple keychains they wear.

Keychains are now a kind of accessory that many young people like to wear, and some young couples choose to wear couple keychains in order to show their love. Many single dogs are envious and jealous. So when couples are boasting about their identity as couples, how do you understand the cleanliness of couple keychains?

What should you pay attention to when cleaning couple keychains in summer?

For this kind of couple keychain is composed of a metal key ring and hard plastic made of a robot cat and a black rope, you must pay attention to it when cleaning in summer. Regarding the main body of this keychain is made of metal, the cleaning effect will not be very good if ordinary cleaning methods are used. So let's introduce the method of cleaning this kind of couple keychain.

A. First soak the metal part of the key ring with alcohol or toothpaste, stop the disinfection of the metal part of the key ring, and can also use the used brush to clean it quietly , In order to achieve the role of cleaning the key ring. Of course, you can also buy some special cleaning agents to clean the key ring, the effect is even better.

B. The part of the black rope can be soaked with toothpaste and salt water, soak for about 30 minutes, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the clean water quietly, and the black rope will turn back It turned out to be dark and bright.

C. It can be said that the cleaning of the hard plastic Doraemon is very simple. Dip a cloth with some detergent, and then quietly wipe the body of the Doraemon, and then Wash the cloth with clean water and wipe it again.

Points to pay attention to the summer cleaning of couple keychains

D. Regarding the couple keychains made of soft PVC, its soft The glue itself will not react with any chemical reagents casually, so when cleaning, you only need a clean cloth, then soak it with clean water, and then quietly wipe the couple's keychain itself. If you are not assured, you can also wipe the keychain with some alcohol and other disinfectant reagents.

E. If people do not have the conditions to purchase chemical special reagents for cleaning, they can use alcohol or soda water to soak the couple's keychain to make the color of the keychain itself better.

F. The key rope above can use toothpaste to stop scrubbing and make the rope clean.

H. For metal key rings, the oxidation speed is slow, so when cleaning, you only need to dip some toothpaste and gently brush it once.

G. For summer, the most easily stained keychain is human body sweat, and most of the metal things will interact with the rain when it rains. The reaction produces oxidation, which makes the important couple keychains rusty and become unsightly. Therefore, we can purchase some chemical reagents to stop wiping and cleaning, so as to ensure that the couple's keychain is restored to its beautiful appearance.

In short, the couple keychains and some other objects that people wear with them can be cleaned in different ways according to their different materials. Especially in summer, people are concerned about themselves. The items must remember to wash frequently to ensure the beauty and cleanliness of wearing.

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