What should be paid attention to in the design process of metal custom badges?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

What should you pay attention to in the process of custom design of metal badges? What everyone should pay attention to when customizing design. Metal badge customization is a publicity method of many modern enterprises. It is beautiful and memorable. So what should we pay attention to in custom badge design? The following editor will take everyone to understand:

In fact, each badge has its own characteristics during the production process. For example, the promotion badge is to highlight its corporate culture. Feature, sports badges and medals are to commemorate this special moment and a symbol of honor. It also shows that the badge design has a clear and practical meaning. Customized badges

1. Badge production settings must strictly abide by laws and regulations, and pay attention to those without standards Standardization, pay attention to conform to people’s behavior habits, and conform to international standards;

2, the design must be concise and clear, and the purpose of the record must be clearly defined. Therefore, the designer must follow the purpose of the product, Immersively, create a special artwork based on the inheritance of corporate culture;

3. The badge is an important symbol of an event and a period of history, and it should be prominent Its settings and beautiful designs also need to pay attention to its own meaning;

4. Different badges have different meanings. According to different atmospheres, their design experience is also different. ;

5. The general content on the surface of the metal badge is: company abbreviation, LOGO, theme and other information, and make the badge as simple as possible without complicated, accurate and complete expression. the goal of.

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