What materials can be used to make beer openers?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-22

Corkscrew, there are ordinary plastic corkscrew, wine knife (knife corkscrew), European style corkscrew, T-shaped corkscrew, alloy corkscrew (butterfly corkscrew), vacuum corkscrew, Electric bottle opener, desktop bottle opener, wall-mounted bottle opener, mini bottle opener, etc.

Beer bottle opener:

Also known as beer bottle opener, beer opener

Use: open beer bottle cap

Material: metal, ABS, acrylic, aluminum alloy.


According to materials: stainless steel beer bottle opener, plastic + stainless steel beer bottle opener, aluminum alloy beer bottle opener, etc.

According to shape: racket type, rabbit type, bank card type, golden boy and jade type, 'OK' type and other beer bottle openers.

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