What is the role and significance of corporate custom badges?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-26

What are the effects and practical significance of the company's customized badges? Various metal badges are customized and worn on the body to represent the true identity and position. The company badge custom metal material belongs to a kind of stamp. Generally, the key is made by stamping die, aluminum die-casting, and biting plate production process. The surface of the stamp can be electroplated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel and other electroplating processes. It has the characteristics of simple and smooth wire frame and full and attractive pattern design. Surface color processing techniques such as spray paint, cloisonné enamel, packaging and printing can be used to make the products more diversified.

What is the practical significance and function of the company's customized seal:

1, can promote and plan the corporate brand image

Xinyi Customer Development Trends Party Badge Customization

The company's customized stamp can be a very good help in the promotion and planning of corporate brand image. Since the personalized stamp can print the company's LOGO and pattern design on it, and spread the company's brand image, culture and art according to gifts, exhibitions, etc., it will better increase the impression of the company's brand in the customer's brain.

2. It has a certain personal collection and memorial use value

Jiyao Group company badge customization

Company badge customization is generally used in personalized customized metal badges It is made of gold, silver, copper, aluminum alloy and other materials, and the packaging with supporting facilities can be used as ornaments, which also has the use value of project investment and personal collection.

3. Short production cycle time for the medallion

Gold and silver are set in the badge customization. After the materials, dimensions, design drawings and other problems and contracts of the product are clarified, the construction period is only necessary. 10-About half a month, depending on the product manufacturing regulations.

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