What is the process of custom badges and medals?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

The use of commemorative coins has been increasing. Jiuyinfang Enterprise Gold and Silver Customs has done many corporate anniversary celebrations, corporate annual conferences, large-scale publicity events, and various company commendation meetings. Business cooperation For gifts, birthdays and birthdays of relatives and friends, many of you will choose custom pure gold commemorative coins, pure gold commemorative coins, silver-inlaid gold commemorative coins, etc. as gifts to each other. Custom badges

1. Determine the raw materials of the commemorative coins that need to be customized

Generally speaking , When customizing commemorative coins, you can choose from a rich variety of materials. You can choose to customize pure gold medals, pure silver medals, pure copper medals, silver inlaid gold medals, gold inlaid jade medals, gold inlaid colorful treasure medals, and silver inlaid colors. Treasure medals, alloy medals, gold-plated silver medals, etc.; but among these materials, gold is the best choice. Although it is expensive, it has a good value for collection. Pure silver is the second, and its price is cheaper than gold, so when making commemorative coins, the choice of pure silver raw materials is the most, or you can also choose the combination of silver and gold. Secondly, the slightly worse ones are made of brass and alloy raw materials, but they are generally used as commemorative coins.

2. Clarify the usage scenarios of commemorative coins

Customization of commemorative coins will definitely be closely related to its use occasions, and is used in the company's anniversary celebration Whether it is used in corporate commendation conferences, large-scale commercial events, gifts between relatives and friends, or birthday gifts, etc., should be determined in advance.

3. Design the shape of the commemorative coin

The commemorative coin is custom-made, and there are many different shapes to choose from. Now the more widespread is the round commemorative coin , While the oval, rectangular, strip, and special-shaped commemorative coins are relatively rare in the market. Among these shapes, the circular commemorative coin has a head and a tail, and it is complete. Rectangular commemorative coins represent a long, long time existence. Special-shaped commemorative coins are mainly customized according to demand.

4. Determine the pictures and texts that need to be printed on the commemorative coins

Because the types of custom-made commemorative coins are generally divided into three categories: anniversary celebrations Commemoratives, large-scale conference commemorations, large-scale events, so the text content should be determined mainly based on their application needs and different application scenarios. Then there is the selection of pictures, corporate logo buildings, mascots, years or zodiac pictures, etc. Behind is the company name, LOGO, year, weight of commemorative coins and purity of raw materials.

5. Clarify the customization process of commemorative coins

For customized commemorative coins, the detailed manufacturing process generally includes: flat mirror surface, anti-sandblasting, Sandblasting and frosting, special shape, rolling characters, successive oblique wire teeth, bimetal, invisible carving, colorful, electroplating, laser holography, deep corrosion of blank cake, high relief, borderless, distressed, gravure, thick coin, round Processes such as perforated coins, miniature carving, and inlay are completed.

6. Choose the outer packaging of the commemorative coin

Finally, the outer packaging of the commemorative coin is also very important. Its selection is mainly based on The value and significance of gifts are also great for enterprises to customize outer packaging for different needs in different scenarios, whether they are used or given away.

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