What is the manufacturing process of custom badges

by:Ipromo     2021-06-20

What are the differences and differences between the custom-made zinc alloy material seal and the tin-aluminum alloy seal? In the process of making stamps, some customers must make stamps with high quality, meticulous quality and strong three-dimensional actual effect. Generally speaking, the design of general stamping dies is difficult to complete. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use zinc alloy materials. Or tin-aluminum alloy badges. Below, I will take you from the one-coin coinage in Shanghai to master the differences in the manufacturing and processing technology of the souvenir badge.

The custom stamp of zinc alloy material and the stamp of tin-aluminum alloy belong to the stamp of aluminum alloy. What is the difference in the manufacturing process of the stamp?

The stamp of zinc alloy material is produced based on aluminum die-casting. The products manufactured have meticulous processing technology, clear edges, clear pattern design, higher strength than tin-aluminum alloy, and excellent wear resistance. The surface of the piece is smooth, not easy to be deformed by grinding and polishing, and the sand hole is small. Metal surface treatment such as electroplating process and painting can be carried out.

From the perspective of strength, the strength of tin-aluminum alloy is not as strong as that of zinc alloy materials. It is very easy to cause collision damage during the whole process of storage, and it is also very easy to Destroyed in the whole process of manufacturing, because of the application characteristics of silicone rubber membrane, its material is soft and its melting point is low, and because it can be welded by electric welding, it is suitable for more complex products, such as hollow carved or hollow parts.

In the whole process of storage and storage of the zinc alloy material seal and the tin-aluminum alloy seal, we must pay attention to avoid stacking and bumping, because the flexibility of the metal material has caused it to deform, so we You can also order matching gift boxes during the whole process of ordering to store the commemorative badges, and pay attention to wind resistance, pollution resistance, and water resistance.

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