What is 'metallic'?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-29

Sometimes, when you smell coins or other metal utensils, you will feel a peculiar 'metallic breath'. Many people will also describe the breath of blood as metal.

Not only that, if unfortunately you bite your tongue, people will still think that blood tastes 'iron'. What is the matter with these metallic smells?

First of all, pure metal itself is breathless. The structure of metals determines that they will not volatilize into gases casually, so they will not become part of breath molecules. So, what exactly is the metallic smell we smell? In fact, they are still some small molecules of organic matter.

Someone specifically stopped the research on the breath of iron products, and found that after the human skin comes into contact with iron products, the lipids and iron on the skin interact with each other to produce a small amount of small molecular carbonyl compounds. Among them, 1-octen-3-one is more dedicated to taste, and this molecule smells 'metallic.' In other words, the metallic smell that we often smell is actually from ourselves. The taste of metal when the blood is in the mouth is also related to the iron in the blood.

In addition, there is also another kind of metallic breath that is produced by impurities in metals, such as some organophosphorus small molecules composed of phosphorus and carbon impurities in steel products. These molecules will smell a bit like garlic.

As for the breath of blood, it is somewhat different from the metal breath mentioned above. Previous studies have also specifically analyzed the breath components in the blood, and found that the key to the 'bloody smell' is a kind of trans-4,5-epoxy-2-decenal (trans-4,5-epoxy-2-decenal). Epoxy-(E)-2-decenal). This aldehyde compound is reminiscent of blood when you smell it~ Predators are also very sensitive to this kind of smell. The researchers used wood soaked in this compound. Triumphantly absorbed the attention of these animals

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