What is a safety socket What are the characteristics of a safety socket

by:Ipromo     2021-06-26
When the safety socket is energized, all jacks are in a non-electric state, and only when the electrical plug is inserted into the socket will power supply. The socket can not only intelligently identify whether the plug is an electrical plug, but also whether the electrical appliance is working or not. Status, the safety socket has the characteristics of a new concept, high intelligence, high safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

The safety socket is a weapon to prevent problems before they happen. With the increase of potential safety hazards, the demand for it is increasing. The use of safety sockets can effectively protect the safety of family members, especially children. Let's introduce the relevant knowledge of safety sockets for everyone.

   What is a safety socket

   When the safety socket is energized, all the jacks are in a non-electric state, and only when the electrical plug is inserted into the socket, the power supply starts. The socket can not only intelligently identify whether the plug is an electrical plug (only when the L and N poles are at the same time) The jack will only be energized when it is plugged in, and there will be no risk of electric shock if any pole is inserted separately), and it can also intelligently identify whether the electrical appliance is in working condition. If the electrical appliance is not working or is turned off, the socket will automatically power off, completely eliminating standby Energy consumption, energy saving, emission reduction, and environmental protection.

Features of   safety socket

   1. The characteristics of the new concept: change the form of 'always with electricity' power supply to 'always without electricity'.

   2. High-intelligence features: Automatically identify whether the socket is connected to a load, and automatically identify whether the load is working. That is, the plug is inserted into the power socket to automatically supply power, and the plug is pulled out to automatically cut off the power; the load continues to supply power, and the load does not work. Completely solve the safety problem and completely eliminate the standby energy consumption problem, and truly realize the effect of safety and energy saving.

  3. High safety features: Since the socket is in a normal no-electricity state, there is no arc (that is, no fire) during the plugging and unplugging process of the socket, which greatly reduces the hidden danger of fire. Because it is a normal no-electricity form Even if people accidentally touch the electrodes of the socket, there will be no risk of electric shock, ensuring personal safety.

  4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly features: because it is an intelligent socket, it can eliminate the standby energy consumption of electrical appliances, save a lot of electricity for the country, reduce expenses for families and businesses, greatly reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the atmosphere Pollution, truly achieve green environmental protection.

  How to choose a safety socket

   take a look at the logo. Pay attention to the logo on the base of the switch socket when purchasing: whether there are 3C certification, rated current, trademark, etc., observe whether there is a clear manufacturer's address and telephone number on the product box, and whether there is a manual and a certificate of conformity in the package. Editor's note: The general switch rated current is 10A. When using some high-power electrical appliances, you should try to choose a switch with a large rated current (for example, the rated current is 16A), so as to avoid the switch being burned by the instantaneous high current when the switch is energized.

   Second, look at the appearance and feel of the switch socket. The appearance should be smooth and flat, uniform in color, and have a certain degree of hardness and weight. When buying, you can try to flip the switch gently. The high-quality products feel crisp and smooth, while the inferior products have a very soft feel or obvious resistance, and the phenomenon of the switch being stuck in the middle position often occurs.

   Three look at design. Incorporating the design of science and technology, it is safer to use, and the details are humanized. For example, the Bull brand socket has super-strength triple lightning protection technology, modular lightning protection components, comprehensively block lightning hazards, and ensure that electrical appliances are safe and worry-free!

   Four look at insulating materials. Insulating materials are very important for the safety performance of switch sockets. From the appearance point of view, a good material has no bubbles, a hard texture, and is difficult to scratch. After molding, the structure is tight and the weight is heavier. Some inferior products on the market are mostly processed by PC back material, with high impurity content and low heat resistance. Better, what's more, use mixture or ABS instead of PC material. The product not only has poor impact resistance and heat resistance, but also looks rough and easy to change color.

   Look at the materials used for internal conductive parts. Because some components of the switch socket are installed inside the wall, the copper sheet is easy to be damp and rusted. After rust, the resistance becomes larger, and it is easy to generate heat during work. If the heat accumulates too much, it will cause fire hazards. The bull switch socket is made of tin-phosphorus bronze material with excellent electrical conductivity, and is treated with refined nickel plating on the surface, which is resistant to oxidation and prevents copper rust, has less heat and has better electrical conductivity, and its service life can reach more than 80,000 times.

   Six smell products. The cover and frame of the high-end switch socket are made of high-quality imported PC material, which is non-toxic and has no obvious odor. The back seat is made of imported odorless PA66 nylon material, and the product has no obvious plastic odor. Inferior switch socket products use more materials, ABS, nylon, pvc and other recycled mixed miscellaneous materials, which not only have obvious plastic odor, but are also prone to discoloration and yellowing.
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