What is a metal worker's license? What role does it play?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

In practical terms, the badges are cards issued by the company with related job numbers and personal information. They are generally made of plastic, and some are hard cards made of aluminum alloy materials. There are many types.

Work badges are generally issued by companies. Cards with relevant job numbers and wearer information are generally made of metal. It is eye-catching and enhances the sense of belonging of internal employees. The main composition is company name + background picture + employee name + photo. The breastplate is a kind of work number plate or small introduction sign that is hung or buckled on the left side of the jacket. Most of it is a badge worn on suits, formal wear, and suits, and serves as an introduction to the unit.

Most of the badges are about 2-3cm in size, on which you can put one or more of the company name, company LOGO, name, number, position, department, corporate image, etc. , Because the size of the badge is relatively small, the content above should be abbreviated as much as possible. It is mostly suitable for all walks of life, enterprise companies, central institutions, public utility business halls and service windows, without domain limitations.


Integrate modern design ideas and express extreme style. Extraordinary creativity, noble and elegant, with the value of collection and gift. Can be used for business gifts, advertising gifts, etc.

The metal work card is made of high-grade imported copper materials, which are made by stamping, corrosion, electroplating, paint filling and other processes. Beautiful and elegant, noble and elegant. It has the characteristics of higher grade, longer lasting and durability than ordinary badges, and fully reflects the certain cultural connotation of the enterprise.

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