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by:Ipromo     2021-06-25


refers to the identification from the badge material and density. The most important process for making badges is stamping stamp blanks. The larger the tonnage of the stamping machine, the higher the density of the produced


, the higher the smoothness and smoothness of the front and back sides of the badge can be maintained. Early badges were mostly made of copper materials.

Because of the low hardness of the material and strong plastic deformation, the steel mold was used for gravity stamping. The concave and convex indentations on the front and back of the badge were especially obvious. The inscriptions

Extraordinarily clear. Some fake badges use advanced silicone molding technology, that is, the stamp of authenticity is embossed on the silicone to replicate the model. After chemical treatment, the silicone is as hard as steel and becomes a mold. The badges forged with silicon molds are very similar in appearance, but their texture is essentially different from the real ones.

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