What are the shape and material classification of the badge?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-15

Badges are very common in everyone's daily life, but because of the different raw materials made of sign plates, they can be divided into wooden sign plates, plastic sign plates and stainless steel signs, which is dizzying. So how are sign plates classified? What shape does it have?

Material English:

(1). Smooth and clean sign: The interface or surface is oil-soluble and very smooth.

(2) Acrylic quality label identification: use acrylic material as the main surface material.

(3) Light-emitting material label identification: use light-emitting material plate (that is, commonly known as colored lights)

(4), photoelectric board label identification: use light-emitting diodes or light-emitting The tube finishes solid color or colorful mainly to show actual effect.

(5) Metal material signage: In the absence of a special surface, metal material is used as the main raw material for the surface or text of the signage, and metal material is used as the main medium for the sign.

Shape classification:

(1), solid type: all of them are longer in the vertical direction, and generally the whole block is used as a sign.

(2), column-shaped: horizontal, vertical, and three-dimensional signs marking on some fixed structures on the road surface

(3), horizontal: The entire proportion is relatively long horizontally, and the entire block is used as a signage, which can generally be seen on the walls of small shops and large engineering buildings.

(4) Protruding shape: highlighting on the wall of the building. In the case of the whole block except the reverse side or two sides of the wall, both sides are used as signs for advertising media, such as three sides Turn over the identification signs.

(5). Roof style: refers to the set of fixed structures on the roof of a building, and hanging or close to the board-shaped, cubic or magical signs Logo.

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