What are the matching of cufflinks taught by the badge manufacturer?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-13

The antique badge manufacturers teach you the matching of cufflinks

The antique badge manufacturers teach you the matching of cufflinks

High-end cufflinks-simple and generous

The usage of cufflinks is obvious in life. Generally speaking, shirt cuff styles that use cufflinks are called musketeer cuffs or French cuffs. This kind of shirt with specially designed cuffs is usually worn on formal occasions, and senior British executives who pay attention to tailoring will also wear this shirt with cufflinks to the office.

The cuffs have become an important display part of the shirt. Since the cuffs are exposed to show the beautiful cuffs, is it necessary for the cuffs of the modern American shirts to be exposed with ordinary buttons? No need at all.

Although the cufflinks are small, their styles are ever-changing. In addition to the traditional round and square shapes, there are also shapes such as water droplets, threads, and Chinese knots. The patterns also include totems, national flags, Tai Chi, steering wheels, fruits, cartoons, and zodiac signs. There are various styles such as constellation, constellation, etc., and the styles are elegant, playful, unruly, etc., so matching cufflinks is very knowledgeable:

1. Match cufflinks according to the color of shirts and dresses;< /p>

2. Choose cufflinks with the same color as the belt buckle and tie clip;

3. Choose cufflinks according to the style of the banquet.

The first thing to talk about is when you should use cufflinks, or when you should use a French double-folded shirt that needs to be matched with cufflinks. Strictly speaking, those matching formal suits should be French double-folded shirts and cufflinks. This particularity has been missed by many articles about suits in China. Why should a formal suit match cufflinks? I believe that 'shirt cuffs should be slightly exposed at the cuffs of the suit' this rule is at least known to most suit wearers, but why is there such a rule? If you trace it back from history, this is actually not a dress rule for a suit, but a dress rule for the shirt itself.

First, the color matching of cufflinks is very important

Crystal glass sleeves

Because of their transparency, crystal glass cufflinks are best matched with white shirts;

Golden cufflinks

The red shirt with golden cufflinks has a gorgeous and fashionable feeling;

The dark twill pink shirt matches the purple with the twill gold edge. The cuffs create a romantic French gentleman style;

The horizontal striped shirt with golden cuffs has a vibrant feeling, adding a delicate and romantic look to the intense and serious style of your successful people;

The blue shirt with golden cuffs is powerful and convincing.

Silver cufflinks

Black, white, and gray shirts with silver cufflinks have a calm and noble effect.

Second, when your occasion is different At the same time, the cuffs are also exquisite, and they should also change according to the changes of the occasion!

If you want to participate in a large-scale fashion banquet or cocktail party, gold is definitely your best choice:

A friend’s wedding banquet:

This The cuffs of the retro Chinese knot are very fashionable and gentle.

When having an emergency meeting:

White shirt, best matched with low-key white cuffs

When dealing with your partners, when socializing

The color matching of cufflinks is also very important. There is generally a rule: crystal glass cufflinks are best matched with white shirts because of their transparency; while red shirts are matched Golden cufflinks have a gorgeous and fashionable feeling; black, white, and gray shirts with silver cufflinks have a calm and noble effect.

If it is a suit, then the style of cufflinks should be as cool as possible. Because suits are generally commercial clothing. In leisure, the colors can be brighter. At the same time, some European men will choose the color and style of cufflinks according to their mood.

In addition, the color of the cufflinks will be different in different weather. At this time, we must pay attention to the overall color of the person's dress. For example, if the weather is gloomy, you should wear some brighter color cufflinks on your cuffs. This can drive the emotions of the people around you and relieve the tension in work and life.

The material of cufflinks generally chooses precious gold, silver, crystal, diamond, gemstone, etc., so the price is expensive, usually from a few hundred to tens of thousands of yuan.

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