What are the advantages of choosing keychains as gift direct sales?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-03

Promotion has always been one of the important strategies adopted by companies. As a gift of the Handicraft Co., Ltd., promotion is also part of its company's development plan, but why is it a lot of products, why use keychains as promotional products? With such a question, we entered the research of cultural and technological manufacturers.

In order to make the company bigger and stronger, to obtain better market share and reputation, the means of promotion, this is a process of credit and capital accumulation, it is a domestic and foreign customer A good opportunity for promotion, they are mainly used for key ring promotion for three reasons.

Reason 1: The necessity of increasing market share. We all know that the key ring is almost everyone's necessity, and the key to the company's key quality. Different themes, beautiful stylization, can represent the company's iconic product, the company's latest product promotion, and get a good sale , To gain a better market share.

Reason 2: Improve brand awareness. For the brand to be bigger and stronger, publicity is still very necessary, and promotion is one of the best publicity methods. The company's key ring technology is excellent, superb skills, using large-scale Dijiao Dijiao, one-time molding, color mode is used The machine is shaped and does not use traditional printing, so this key ring will not fade! These advantages can quickly increase the company's reputation.

Reason 3: To meet the needs of the consumer market. In the consumer market, the key key market potential is still very large, and there is a very large demand, especially for creative and personalized key rings. One is good sales, and the second is demand. Therefore, the company positions the key button as a promotional product. Based on this consideration, we will provide consumers with better services when the market is opened quickly. How to sell metal keychains and how to strengthen sales have become the focus of attention of key manufacturers. And this problem is related to the key chain manufacturers of independent channel construction.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, more and more key brand manufacturers realize that only channel control can have stable sales. Therefore, many key chain manufacturers have established independent sales channels. But the establishment of independent sales channels does not mean the establishment of a sales network on its own. Many key chain manufacturers are unwilling to share the company's sales profits and be carved by others. They are ambitiously planning to build their own sales empire, trying to establish sales offices, offices or shops, etc., to focus on the products sold directly by brokers to end users and consumers. But it turns out that this is a scale of uneconomic practice, and it is often worth the candle in the end. First, to maintain a huge sales network requires a lot of human resources, which greatly increases operating costs, and makes the capital chain tight or even broken. In addition, there were too many stalls, and the company's management was unable to keep up for a while. There may be information blockades, the sales departments were drawing pictures in prisons, and their own arrays were out of control.

Therefore, under the conditions of a market economy, most key chain manufacturers cannot directly sell products to final consumers, but need to use a series of broker resale activities. The purpose of using a broker is to be able to push the product to the target market more effectively. At the same time, the local experience and expertise of distribution intermediaries are often better than manufacturers in terms of sales.

But when using distributors to sell products, key brand manufacturers should pay attention to their own measures to ensure that the sales channel is smooth throughout the year, instead of being led by others. In the key chain industry, the sales channels are not smooth due to the relative overcapacity, which is quite fierce for key chain manufacturers. In this case, with a large backlog of products, distributors take the opportunity to reduce prices, and key brand manufacturers can only protect themselves under pressure if they compromise and meet price requirements. Keychain manufacturers are constrained by the channels owned by distributors, and are at a disadvantage in negotiations. Any fish negotiations. Therefore, the establishment of key chain manufacturers with the nature of independent sales channels to control the channels has brought the key chain cycle process manufacturers back to the dominant position.

As the saying goes, the uncertainty of marketing, channel innovation is endless. In today's sales, the role of channels is getting more and more attention from enterprises. In the entire market, the success of some companies, in addition to the product itself, also contributes to the effectiveness of the channel. Therefore, in the development process of the critical chain industry, channel innovation may become a breakthrough point.

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