Wenzhou hollow cufflinks production and processing

by:Ipromo     2021-06-08

Wenzhou hollow cufflink production and processing

We all know that the tie clip is an ornament that fixes our neckties and our clothes to keep hanging down. The use of the tie clip is to clip it on the shirt to prevent our tie from running around. So where does the tie clip load the shirt button? The role of the tie clip is to fix our tie and prevent the tie from fluttering everywhere, so that it will not be caught by the wind. The blow swayed from side to side, bent over and lowered his head, so that it would not hang down to the ground. We use tie clips. It will look neat and tidy, so the role of the tie clip is also very important.

The tie clip can be used or not. The general fashion way to wear it is not to use a tie clip. There are only two kinds of people using tie clips: one, people who wear costumes. As we have just mentioned, people in industry, commerce, taxation, military, and airlines use tie clips, and their tie clips have the national emblem, airline emblem, and CIS. Second, VIP. Officials, generals, and big bosses, because they are under the public, the eyes of everyone are in full view, and they are eye-catching. For example, if we go to drink soup, if there are no outsiders, we will fill it with a bowl. But those who are particular about it don't feed, bend over and scoop food with a spoon. Then think about it, if his tie is not clipped, who will drink the soup first when he bends down?

Cufflink application place, office place: milky white shirt matching Translucent or dark blue cufflinks and bow ties are recommended to be dark blue or gray-black, which will make people feel trustworthy. Places for market competition: dark blue thick straight striped t-shirts with metallic luster cufflinks, dark colors for bow ties, easy to produce and believe in actual effects. Your excellent male friends in the workplace have already grasped the way. To grasp the way of wearing cufflinks, there are also some application methods. For example, men who are physically strong are suitable for more compact cufflinks, while men who are thinner and thinner are suitable for air cufflinks.

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