Variety classification of keychains

by:Ipromo     2021-06-01

Key chain, also known as key chain, key ring, key chain, key hanger, etc. This exquisite, delicate and ever-changing appearance is a daily necessities that everyone carries with them every day.

The couple's keychain is the latest zinc alloy jewelry developed. It is a craftsmanship that the brand promotes and is a novel gift. The reverse side can also be laser LOGO, characteristic custom keychain.

Product use: company brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school celebration souvenirs, advertising and other professional souvenir promotional items.

The car logo keychain is a newly developed zinc alloy car product. The surface has been dripped or plated with rare metals to prevent rust; it is a car 4S shop promotion and gift to the owner. Exquisite small gifts are also essential in-car supplies for car owners, car pendants, and characteristic fashionable supplies.

Commodity use: company brand promotion, new product promotion, souvenir products and other professional souvenir promotional items.

Solar bright light keychain is the latest solar energy product developed and produced. It uses the power supply principle of low-light amorphous silicon solar cells to make high-quality LCD shine and shine. It is a craftsmanship that the brand promotes. Novel gift. Symphony LCD display, full of flavor and sense of technology in flashes!

Commodity use: company brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school celebration souvenirs. Hotel building opening souvenir plaques and promotional items for careers such as banking, telecommunications, network, insurance, post and telecommunications, communications, railways, aviation, shipping, and advertising.

The front side shines on one side, and the back side is laser paper.

Souvenir button

Fuwa is the mascot of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Its color and creativity are derived from the Olympic rings, from the vast mountains, rivers, lakes and seas of my country. Animal images that everyone likes. Fuwa conveys friendship, peace, positive energy and good wishes for harmony and coexistence between man and nature to children all over the world. Fuwa are five beloved close friends. Their appearance incorporates the images of fish, giant pandas, Tibetan antelopes, swallows and the Olympic flame. Each doll has a catchy name: 'BeibeiKind of traditional methods. When the names of the five dolls are linked together, you will read out Beijing’s goodwill to the world and invite 'Beijing welcomes you'. Fuwa represents the aspirations and the aspirations of our people. Their prototypes and headwear contain their connections with the ocean, forest, fire, earth and sky, and their image design uses the expression methods of traditional Chinese art to show the splendid culture of our country.

In addition to static buckle

The functional static keychain is a keychain that eliminates the static electricity of the human body, cars, computers, household appliances and other ordinary days. When using, hold the keychain to touch the static electricity object to eliminate static electricity.

Commodity function

Wide: can eliminate all daily static electricity (excluding industrial static electricity) such as human body, car, computer, metal object;

Fast: eliminate The static time is 0.2 seconds and 3 seconds; as much as possible: it can completely eliminate the damage of static electricity;

Safety: without any toxic effects and risks, it is definitely safe and environmentally friendly products.

How to use

1. Lightly touch the oval touch button with your thumb, no need to vigorously.

2. Use the conductive material on the head of the product to touch the conductive body (such as: car, human body, computer, iron railing, metal object, etc.) to discharge, and the LCD screen pattern will appear completely during discharge.

Keychains have now become a small gift. The heart is worse than the action...

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