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by:Ipromo     2021-06-18

  Zhongshan Aipuruo Craft Products Co., Ltd. main products: badges, medals, commemorative coins, number plates, advertising badges, keychains, tie clips, cufflinks, belt buckles, clothing accessories, shoe decorations, luggage accessories , Bookmarks, mobile phone straps, hat clips, ball forks, envelope knives, alloy plates, three-dimensional reliefs, table decorations and other metal craft products. The main processes include stamping, etching, die-casting, offset printing, silk screen printing, baking varnish, soft enamel, glue and so on.

  No matter what product it is, its customized craftsmanship is a key factor that directly determines quality during the production process, and the customization of pure gold medals is no exception. So why is it said that the craftsmanship of the customized pure gold medal directly determines the quality:

  The main customized material for the customized pure gold medal is pure gold.

The primary factor of    pure gold medal customization is the design style and pattern matching. The shape design must be unique, fresh and not tacky, which is a rare type on the market.

   What kind of coinage technology and manufacturing process are used will make the medal show its original orientation and positioning in terms of sex and uniqueness, not to mention pure gold products, which must be compared carefully.

   The protection of medals must be targeted and scientific, foolproof, and must not be careless. The medal manufacturer reminds every collector that the appreciation of each medal is It is very high and has a very high memorial. We need to take it seriously and should not be underestimated.

   After we received our customized medal, in addition to daily play and appreciation, we should pay more attention to how to maintain it so that our medal can always look like new. Added a lot of knowledge, now the medal manufacturer teaches you how to maintain the medal:

  1. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust method: The metal medal should be gently wiped off the dirt and water stains on the surface of the non-natural patina medal. , And then put it in a closed or semi-closed frame, and place it in a dry and ventilated cabinet. It is important to note that it must be kept away from chemical pesticides such as camphor to avoid direct corrosion of the medal. Common corrosion-prone materials are silver, copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum, etc.;

  2. Methods to prevent accidental damage: fire prevention is an important link that every collector must pay attention to at all times, especially For smoking collectors, it must not be taken lightly. The main protection method to prevent accidental injury is to implement medal isolation. Wear thin gloves. Be gentle no matter when you pick up or put it down. Take care to prevent hard objects from colliding with each other, especially drinking alcohol. Don't look through the collection afterwards. In short, the protection of medals must be targeted and scientific, foolproof, and must not be careless. The medal maker reminds every collector that the appreciation of each medal is very high, and it also has a very high commemorative. We need to take it seriously and should not be underestimated;

  3. Methods of anti-light and anti-drying: Some medals will be over-dried after long-term sunlight exposure, which will cause damage, so they should not be placed in direct sunlight. Protection from light, ventilation, and proper humidity are important conditions for the protection of medals. Otherwise, the paint color of some medals is easy to deform and fall off, and plastic and wooden medals are easy to cause aging and deformation. At the same time, gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, aluminum and other materials should be protected from light;

  4. Anti-corrosion and moisture-proof method: For perishable and damp collections, attention should be paid to adjusting the surrounding humidity , Especially do not place it in a damp and humid place; away from the kitchen, bathroom, should be placed in a cool and ventilated room, and check whether the surface of the medal is moldy. If a problem is found, it should be dealt with in time, but care should be taken not to damage the natural patina. Generally speaking, the materials that are afraid of decay and moisture are copper, iron, nickel, lead, aluminum, bamboo, cloth, and lacquer and enamel collections.

  The meaning of custom-made honor medals:

   We need to know what is the meaning of custom-made honor medals: Medal of honor is a medal of Hong Kong awards and award system. It has been awarded since 1998. He was awarded the six major disciplines of the police, the Immigration Department, the Fire Services Department, the Customs and the Flying Service, and the discipline of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. They are praised for their dedication to responsibility, responsiveness and valuable contributions. These people are capable and successful, and their behavior is exemplary.

  Corporate Culture: Honesty, Practicality, ,!

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   Concept: Pursuit is the starting point of our work, creation is the driving force of our life, and realization is our eternal pursuit!

  Entrepreneurship: There is no end to the pursuit of life, since ancient times, hard work will win!

  Entrepreneurship motivation: do business with love, be a man with a grateful heart!

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