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Tinplate is an iron sheet coated with a layer of tin on the surface. It is not easy to rust and is also called tinplate. It is made by immersing iron pieces in molten liquid

tin. Tin is a metal that is less active than iron. It is neither oxidized by air nor reacted with water, so it has a strong anti-corrosion ability. A thin layer of tin is plated on the iron sheet for good protection. However, once the plating layer is destroyed, it will happen

When electrochemical corrosion occurs, because iron is more active than tin, iron will be used as the negative electrode of the galvanic battery and will be lost due to oxidation reaction.>

Existence will accelerate the corrosion rate of iron, so tinplate is different from white iron. It can only be present when the coating is intact

Protect the role of iron. Tinplate badges are made of this material. They are of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Generally, the radius is about 5 cm. There are cartoon versions and character versions. , And finally coated with a layer of metallic paint on the outside, smooth

Glossy, very good-looking.

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