Tie clip custom-made formal college tie clip custom-made phone

by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

  The tie clip is both formal and fashionable. Although in most cases, the tie clip is worn with formal wear, but the message it conveys to people is not ostentatious and ostentatious, but rather a neat and refreshing one. feel. Nowadays, sportsmen start to like to wear accessories studded with jewels, which makes the tie look very fashionable nowadays. The tie clips made of various jewels, various materials and various shapes give men more personalized choices.

  You must use a tie clip to tie the tie. Its function is to clamp the tie and shirt together and fix it on the chest to prevent the tie from swinging when the body is walking or other activities. Put away the unsightly. Especially when dining, hospitable hosts are accustomed to greet guests at the table. When serving guests, the tie hanging on the dish will make both parties feel unhappy and spoil the atmosphere of the banquet.

Which position is suitable for    tie clip:

   tie clip is mainly used to fix the tie on the shirt, so you can’t just use it to hold the tie. Or clip it to the collar of the top of the shirt, using the correct tie clip position, between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt counted from top to bottom. Don't let it show after you fasten your suit jacket. If it is clipped too far up, or even clipped in the opening of the sweetheart-neck cardigan or suit vest collar, it is very rustic.

   should be used when wearing a suit, that is to say, it is not necessary to use a tie clip when wearing a long-sleeved shirt, let alone a tie clip when wearing a jacket. When wearing a suit, use a tie clip, which should be pinned to a specific position, that is, counting from top to bottom, between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt, fasten the tie clip, and then fasten the button of the suit jacket , The tie clip should generally not be visible from the outside.

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