The value and function of custom medals

by:Ipromo     2021-06-19

   commemorative medal is the general name of the chapter-shaped objects with commemorative significance, including badges and collectible medals, etc., badges are the earliest form of commemorative medals, and its origin can be traced back to the primitive society’s totem culture, commemorative medals It is derived from the totem symbol of the clan and tribe. Later, the cap badges and epaulettes in the European army became the most common form of badges in the early development. In the Napoleonic era, it was widely used in the army, and the badges of the Chinese army first appeared in the Beiyang Navy. Nowadays, the application range of medals has become more extensive. Many companies and organizations have adopted precious metals such as gold and silver to customize medals to commemorate major events, commend outstanding employees, and spread corporate culture.

  This is a cash commemorative medal, and the graphic text can be customized in the middle

   commemorative medal occupies a very important position in human cultural heritage, especially in China, although Commemorative medals have not clearly appeared in historical records as a standard, but a variety of commemorative medals have inherited the glory of many clans and troops, and also conveyed the beliefs of many individuals and times.

The actual utility of    in modern and modern badges and commemorative medals has been greatly reduced. Its more function is its commemoration and commemorative significance. For example, the People’s Liberation Army’s custom-issued 'Huaihai' Battle Victory Medal

   Nowadays, with the development of China's market economy, many companies have grown stronger, and they will also choose to issue customized commemorative medals to achieve corporate culture inheritance and incentives to employees. There is no doubt that the award of these precious metal medals can recognize and commend employees for their achievements, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, increase the cohesion of the team, and allow employees to compete for such a respected model, which has played a very important role in the development of the company. Good promotion.

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