The keychain with your breath

by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

I recently met a high school boy. He wears black-rimmed glasses, just like the school bully in my high school class who didn't hear things outside the window. After chatting with him more often, he suddenly said to me one day: 'I think a girl in our class seems to like me.'

I once thought that no girl would like this kind of dull looking Boy, just about to blurt out: 'You are so stupid, why would a girl like you?' After thinking about it, I felt that this was too hurtful, so he implied euphemistically: 'If a girl asks you a question, she may really want to ask a question. That’s it, don’t think too much.'

'Really not.' He anxiously defended, 'I am a very sensitive person. Someone is looking at me, I can definitely feel it. Every When I looked up, she happened to hide her gaze.' Seeing that I did not speak, he comforted himself a little sadly: 'Maybe I really think too much.'

I hesitated. Still tell him: 'I also liked a boy in high school. He sat 45° behind me. If I look back at him, my eyes need to go through the three-meter aisle. In this way,'Look at him 'It became a very blatant thing. But I still seize every opportunity to look in that direction intentionally or unintentionally. Because I really like him very much.

At that time, there was a very popular one.

In the Hong Kong TV series, there is a classic scene in which the heroine gave the heroine a piece of 'Strawberry Cake without Strawberries.' He mentioned this kind of cake in the QQ space dynamic. I went out half an hour earlier than usual the next day. I ran to three or four bakeries and finally found 'Strawberry Cake without Strawberries'.

Actually, I don’t like strawberries. The pink thing that looks like a sandwich also makes me lose my appetite. But I forcefully turned it into a daily breakfast, just hoping that there would be something in common between myself and him. Finally, when I ate the eighteenth 'Strawberry Cake without StrawberryMe: 'So you like this too. '

Later, 'Strawberry Cake without Strawberries' was replaced by various other things: lollipops from the school canteen, parking sheds next to the wall, notebooks with the same cover... The movie ticket stubs he has seen are all collected, together with the signature pen he accidentally left on my desktop, and the bottle cap with a smiley face painted on it, and locked into the drawer.

After doing all this, I It suddenly occurred to me that when I learned that my girlfriend had left the jelly shell, she had laughed at her. She was plausible at that time: 'These jellies were given by my boyfriend, and they were washed after eating. 'At that moment I realized that when I like a person, I will keep everything about him intentionally or unintentionally.

He casually said that he likes a certain singer, so I bought that singer’s CD and listened to it. After listening and listening. The keychain he was about to change would also be asked by me to come over with the excuse of 'lost it.' What I didn't say was: 'Because there is your breath on it. ”

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