The keychain has become a gift from friends

by:Ipromo     2021-06-01

Acrylic key ring, also known as acrylic key ring, the English abbreviation is PMMA. The key ring is local and can be made in different sizes and specifications according to the manufacturing requirements; the pendant is local, using transparent acrylic material, according to the different needs of the demand, the designer can design various product patterns, and then create different requirements according to the product size and specifications, and can be printed Commercial logo and cartoon shape, exquisite style, is a fantasy gift for corporate promotional activities.

Acrylic key ring, namely plexiglass, secondary import information and domestic information, hollow and solid, transparent, the center can use colored paper as the key to the hardness of acrylic to determine the level of wear. The current appearance of acrylic below 3H is easy to spend. The following ceramics can be made into the best new information about sanitary ware. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, besides the unparalleled brightness, acrylic has the following advantages: good toughness, easy to break; strong repairing power, only need to soak the toothpaste with soft foam to clean sanitary ware; soft texture, not cold bite in winter Sense; bright colors can meet the characteristics of pursuing different grades. The use of acrylic to make basins, bathtubs, and toilets not only has a complex style and is durable, but also has environmental impact. The radiation level is almost the same as that of the body itself.

The keychain has now become a small gift gift. You can give it to a friend or yourself to express your thoughts. The current key ring-shaped varieties, such as cartoon shapes, brand modeling, simulation models, etc. What you will see here is the couple key ring produced by Yiwu Kuwang Crafts Factory. There are many types, can be customized processing, laser marking, is an ideal choice for advertising products and gifts.

Although there is only a short period of time to carry small decorative items, it is more and more popular with people for its rich material, important ring shape and practical function changes. Choosing the key with your favorite key ring will not only bring a happy mood, but also reflect the user's personality. Don't underestimate these important ring accessories, many designers are designing these small accessories for everyone. At present, the key rings on the market not only fully display new concepts, but also multi-functional. The cute cartoon key ring has always been the favorite of young people. Especially in the design of cartoon images of well-known brands, the key chain is to attract eyeballs. For example, the Mickey key ring inlaid with diamonds not only looks very shiny, but also has lovely images, especially for girls who are system girls; and couples pairing couple keychains are the key in recent years. The reason for the ace products on the market is Being so popular is that the design fully reflects the concept of the United States and the United States, giving people a warm and sweet feeling. And because the couple's key ring generally appears in the shape of a cute couple, it is particularly eye-catching.

In addition to decorative and beautifying functions, the key ring can now be described as a small body with great energy. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, high-tech key rings are also constantly 'going out'. A key supporter called the Cobra Tag is very suitable for those who love the key to consumers. When you go home to the key trash, go out, and can’t find the time, the positioning function of the Cobra Tag will send a signal when you can save according to the location prompt Phone, find it, and can help you avoid worry about lost keys. Magellan’s weather forecast keychain will not be surpassed.

Today, when we value low-carbon, environmental protection and energy saving, the key link should also 'make a difference'. The design brand Qualy is the key to the environmental protection concept. , Reflecting the characteristics of energy saving. The starting point of the designer is to use the time that people carry with them, the design of the keychain and the power socket. Every time you go out, it is like a plug. Every time you are reminded to unplug the power plug at home.

Compared with before, the key ring has a lot of richness in terms of material and shape. For example, there are cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models, and couple modeling. The materials of the previous copper, aluminum, rubber, and plastic systems are now mainly anti-rust element materials such as nickel or rhodium on the surface of zinc alloy. 'The owner of a key chain store said:' Now the key chain has become a gift from a friend, and the key chain of a big brand is even hundreds of dollars.

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