The key ring brings a lot of help with rich materials and practical functions

by:Ipromo     2021-06-02

Now, the key ring has brought a lot of help with rich materials and practical functions, and is deeply loved by people. In order to choose a complete personalized key ring for yourself, you can bring a good mood and decorate your own space. After continuous improvement by the designer, the key link has been greatly developed, let us feel 'small key chain is big'.

Compared with before, both the material and the shape of the key ring are very rich. For example, there are cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models, and couple modeling. The materials of the previous copper, aluminum, rubber, and plastic systems are now mainly anti-rust element materials such as nickel or rhodium on the surface of zinc alloy. 'Xidan Pearl Mall is operating a key chain store, Wang Boss said:' Now the key chain has become a gift for friends, and the key chains of big brands can cost one to several hundred dollars.

Don't underestimate these important ring accessories, many designers are designing these small accessories for everyone. At present, the key rings on the market not only fully display new concepts, but also multi-functional. The cute cartoon key ring has always been the favorite of young people. Especially in the design of cartoon images of well-known brands, the key chain is to attract eyeballs. For example, the diamond-encrusted Mickey key ring not only looks very shiny, but also has a lovely image, especially for the sweetness of girls; with a cute monkey key chain, you can create a dress that suits each key. Finding the key becomes simple. The recently popular smart key ring can be said to be very 'highly popularThis key ring is composed of 31 jigsaw puzzles made of stainless steel balls. The ball itself is a large magnet, which allows each puzzle piece to be absorbed without falling off. The mirror stainless steel treatment and each modeling surface of the puzzle show the top metal technology of Germany. Generally speaking, the puzzle cannot fall off freely. To play, the key ring is opened and the puzzle is easy to remove.

The couple key ring customized for couples is also a key brand product of key brands in recent years. The reason for its popularity is that the design fully reflects the United States and the United States. The pairing concept gives people a warm and sweet feeling. The main material of the double-button key ring symbolizes pure artificial crystal-like love. Because of the uniqueness and sparkle of the crystal material, the key ring looks full of texture, and because the couple's key ring generally presents the appearance of a lovely couple, it is particularly fascinating. In addition to decorative and beautifying functions, the key ring can now be described as a small body with great energy. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, high-tech key rings are also constantly 'going out'. A key supporter called the Cobra Tag is very suitable for those who love the key to consumers. When you go home to the key trash, go out, and can’t find the time, the positioning function of the Cobra Tag will send a signal when you can save according to the location prompt Phone, find it, and can help you avoid worry about lost keys. Magellan’s weather forecast keychain will not surpass. This key chain can be a good partner of 'ALICEIt also has an LED screen, a high compression housing and a high load lock ring, which can be said to be a big treasure adventure. Think about your own key chain will be a LOMO camera? This product called VistaQuest VQ-1015 completes the imagination. VQ-1015 is about 7 cm wide, about 4.5 cm thick, about 2 cm thick, 1.3 million pixels, powered by AAA batteries, and built-in SD card slot, a total of 6 colors, absolutely indispensable to carry weapons. When the mobile phone screen continues to grow, the power consumption of the CPU is getting faster and faster, and the power consumption is getting more and more, and carrying a data cable into a lot of smart machine users must do, but the name is called Flipsync keychain To solve this problem. The three hidden interfaces inside are used to connect to the computer's USB interface, and used to connect to the device's Micro USB and Mini USB interfaces, which can replace most of the current equipment and data lines.

Today, with emphasis on low-carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation, key links should also 'make a difference'. The design brand Qualy design is the key to the environmental protection concept and reflects the characteristics of energy conservation. The starting point of the designer is to use the time that people carry with them, the design of the keychain and the power socket. Every time you go out, it is like a plug. Every time you are reminded to unplug the power plug at home.

Sweet, cute, unique, high-tech, environmentally friendly... Don’t think that a product with so many features is just a small key ring.

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