The history of the origin and development of keys and locks

by:Ipromo     2021-06-04

When primitive people live in caves, for safety's sake, sometimes stones are used to block the caves, so thieves cannot be prevented but beasts. After the emergence of private ownership, the thief appeared, so the lock was born.

More than 3,000 years ago, China had locks. However, the earliest locks had no organs, but were shaped by tigers and other ferocious animals. To frighten thieves, it can only be said to be a symbolic lock.

It is said that Lu Ban was the first to lock the people’s organs. As reflected in the unearthed cultural relics and written records, the ancient lock was operated by two springs of the spring spring. So far, this spring is still in use.

In foreign countries, although the ancient Greeks have found a very reliable lock, the key is to be larger and shoulder everything, which is difficult for ordinary families to popularize. The ancient Indians made another bird-shaped 'fan lockThe rise of modern locks was the first 'welded fishing lock' invented by Britain in the 18th century. We are now widely used in ball locks, which were invented by Yale in 1860.

The key invented is later than that in ancient Egypt, the key used for the first time in the world. Their lock is a wooden door bolt inserted into a slot with a wooden bolt on the top of the slot. When the plug is inserted into the slot, the wooden plug will be inserted into the hole of the bolt. In this way, the bolt will be very strong and you must open it with a key.

Since Egyptian locks can only be used on the side of the door bolt, which is not conducive to the flexibility of opening and closing, the Greeks also developed a lock from the other side of the lock on this basis. The key made by the Greeks is a curved stick shaped like a small sickle from a small farm. But some keys can reach 3 feet and must be moved on the shoulders, which are quite heavy.

The Romans are arguably the most complex locksmiths in ancient times. They conducted a lot of research on the standards of keys and knew that the nails at the ends of the keys were cut into various shapes.

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