The gratitude of a family of three looking for keys!

by:Ipromo     2021-06-29

I remember that day, my father and mother went for a walk on the riverside together. I saw that the fence of the stairs could allow me to drill around, so I didn't listen to my father. Mom advised me to drill around the fence. When I returned, I touched my pocket and found that the key inside was missing. I suddenly became nervous and thought: No, this key is gone, the home is insecure, and the door lock at home has been changed many times. This time I might have to change the entire door, which can cost thousands of dollars. what. My father criticized me for a meal, and quickly took me and my mother out to find the keys.

We walked back and searched again on the way we came back. I looked around with wide-eyed eyes all the way. After looking at every corner, I couldn’t find the key. At this time I'm anxious like an ant on a hot pot. What should I do, I think, but I just can't figure out a way to do it. I'm really anxious. We were under the bridge again, and I started searching carefully and intensely again.

Dad said: 'The greatest possibility is the iron railing you drilled on.' So, I hurried to the bottom of the rough railing and took it. I searched around with a flashlight. Suddenly, I saw something shining brightly. I immediately walked forward and took a flashlight. It turned out to be a piece of iron that made me happy. I ran up the stairs to find it. Suddenly, I remembered that I didn’t find a corner. I quickly ran down the stairs and rushed to the top of another ladder where no one was walking. At first, I sat on the water pipe to rest and the key might fall. Above. So I took a flashlight to illuminate the water pipe and the surrounding area, but I still couldn't find the key. No matter how carefully we searched, there was no whereabouts of the key, so we had to go home.

When the whole family was very disappointed, my mother suddenly cried out in surprise: 'The key is here.' Everyone focused on the set of keys in the light. The set of keys seemed so familiar and so unfamiliar, because I was so worried that it was not mine. After identifying that it was indeed me, I began to wonder again: I didn't walk here at all at first, so how could I be here? Maybe it was picked up by a good-hearted person, and people who were worried that it was lost could not find it, and put it in a bright and conspicuous place. Suddenly, there was a feeling of gratitude in my heart.

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