The fairy tale of cartoon (star) keychain

by:Ipromo     2021-06-22

I am a small star keychain, and a novel and exquisite accessory. The whole body is pink: I have a pair of big black eyes, a cute nose, and a charming little mouth. I come from a mysterious sky. My parents are the two biggest and brightest stars in the sky. My brothers and sisters are full of the sky. No one can compare to my summer sky. Our family likes dancing, singing, and chatting on the vast and brilliant sky stage. : Look, the sky full of shining stars is blinking and smiling at you, but once, I secretly ran out of the house, playing and playing, and missed the time to go home. When the father-in-law appeared, the sun was radiant. , The strong sunlight made my eyes unable to open, dizzy and dizzy. As a result, I fell down and fell from the sky. When I woke up for the first time, I saw a beautiful little girl: she wore two small braids on her head, with two pink bows on the braids, and a pair of big, watery, cherry-like eyes. With a small red mouth, he smiled, and two charming little wine houses were revealed on both sides of the mouth: a pink princess dress, white and tender little hands.

It turns out that she is my current little master, a cute little girl: As for me, how did I meet her? How did it become a cartoon keychain? I don’t know at all about this, because I’ve been in a faint. Later, my little master told me that she found me on the beach by the sea, and when she saw me cute, she brought me back. Put it on the desk one morning, I was still dreaming, and bursts of sadness and crying, woke me up from the dream seat: whose crying sound? Let me think about it, oh, it's my lovely little master: she is crying under the quilt, she is crying so sad! My heart was broken.

'Little master, little master, what's the matter with you? What's the matter!' I asked anxiously

I saw the little master uncover the quilt and read everything in the house. : I asked strangely: 'Who? Who are you?':

'I am a star cartoon keychain! Why are you crying? Who is bullying you?' I asked the little master with a small He wiped the tears on his face and replied, 'No one bullied me: My mother said that I am in the first grade. The school I am going to has a residential system. I have to live on campus, Monday to Friday. Only at school, not like kindergarten anymore. I can go home every day: I can only go home on weekends: When I think about it, I can’t see my parents every day and have to sleep alone. I feel so scared, so scared... '

'Don't be afraid, we will be brave and independent children: think about it, we will leave them one day when we grow up: just like me, my home is in the sky, I came to you and met you, a good friend. How wonderful! When you arrive at the new school, you will know many new friends.

'Even so, I am still very scared: All people and things are unfamiliar, and I'm afraid when I think of it:'

'Okay! Since you are afraid, take me with you! We are good friends:'

'Well, with you as a friend, I am so happy! '

The next day, I followed the little master, and under the leadership of her parents, we came to the little master’s school: an hour later, her parents arranged When everything was parting, the little master held her mother's hand, and a little bit wanted to cry: her mother touched her head and smiled and said, 'I wish you a wonderful elementary school life! Mom will make your favorite strawberry cake on Friday, waiting for you at home! 'After speaking these words, my mother and father reluctantly left.

I accompanied the young master to eat breakfast, do morning exercises, go to class, go to the library to read, meet new classmates, and we will be together again when we have time. Let’s chat.

Unknowingly, one week or two weeks passed. The little master has become good friends with two classmates, and the teacher also likes the little master very much. It can be said that the little master has basically adapted to it. New environment.

On the third weekend, I bid farewell to the little master: 'Little master, it’s nice to meet you! I am going home. My father found me on the first day of your school. I agreed to accompany you. I insisted on accompany you. But now my mother is sick because of missing me, so I must go! '

The little master looked affectionately and said: 'Xingxing, you are my best friend, good friend forever!' Thank you for the time you spent with me! You go back quickly! Your mother is waiting for you at home! '

'When you miss me, you look at the little star in the east, and that's me. 'After speaking, the star keychain disappeared.

The little girl opened the window and looked towards the east sky. There was a small star blinking and smiling.

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