The EU promulgated new standards to promote the improvement of the quality of hardware export products

by:Ipromo     2021-06-13

The European Union has introduced new standards to promote the improvement of the quality of hardware export products.

It is understood that power tools are the most widely used hardware tools. With the progress of the times and society, the rapid development of the power tool market has led to Due to various quality problems of power tools, consumers are also harmed, so the demand for power tools in the national and global markets is becoming more and more stringent. The European Union has formulated a special 60745-1 standard for metal power tools, aiming to establish the specifications of hardware power tools and implement the technical specifications of power tool products entering the European market, thereby reducing or avoiding damage to the power tools to consumers. Europe has also introduced an electrical certification law.

Relevant companies export all EU specifications and a series of electric tool products. They must be certified and printed by EU electrical appliances before exporting, and they must apply for certification in time for expired products. In addition, during the inspection time of power tools, companies need to make preparations in advance. Companies need to accumulate experience, and the products involved will be adjusted according to EU regulations, otherwise they will be eliminated by the market.

In this regard, industry experts remind companies to keep abreast of export hardware tools, and implement laws, regulations and standards on the safety of power tools, including the latest EU power tool standards; corporate product design and quality management personnel are familiar with and To understand the standards and to develop and design products, we must not only consider the shape and function of the product, but also pay attention to the safety performance of the product in accordance with the national inspection standards.

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