The dragon keychain reminds me to be brave and never give up

by:Ipromo     2021-06-01

As we all know, the 'dragon' can call the wind and call the rain, and has a superb position in Chinese culture. The Chinese are the descendants of the dragon.

In order to welcome the new year of the dragon, my aunt took me to the Flower Street. My aunt wandered from shop to shop with a dazzling array of goods. Suddenly, my aunt took a fancy to a dragon keychain, bought it, and handed it to me with a smile, and said, 'Yuyan, don’t you think this keychain is beautiful? You belong to the dragon. Can you give this pendant to you? 'I took this gift over, very happy, and said: 'Thank you auntie!'

Looking back, I carefully looked at this cute dragon keychain. The dragon on it was all over The golden, curved brows and smiling mouth seemed to say hello to me. He held a round card with the word 'Fu' in one hand, and a small gourd in the other, which made people more and more like it.

Once, when I was doing my math homework, there was another problem, and I couldn't figure it out even after racking my brains. I was a little discouraged and started to get sulking. But when I saw the dragon key holder, I slowly calmed down. I thought to myself: Everything should be done slowly, not reckless and impulsive. As long as you think carefully, you will definitely be able to overcome the difficulties! I slowly regained my confidence, as if even the little dragon on the table was also encouraging me!

I remember my aunt said to me when she gave this keychain: 'This keychain is given to you so that you can take off like a dragon. You have to study hard and come on!' I must cherish this keychain. , Remind yourself all the time, to move forward bravely like a dragon and never give up!

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