The difference between commemorative medals and commemorative coins

by:Ipromo     2021-06-10

The difference between commemorative medals and commemorative coins

   commemorative coins and commemorative medals look the same, but in fact there is an essential difference, namely the face value. Commemorative medals have no face value, while commemorative coins have face value.

   commemorative coins are designed and manufactured by the state authorized by the People’s Bank of China to designate the national mint. The legal tender issued by the National Bank in a unified plan can be divided into ordinary metal circulating coins and special metal circulating coins. .

   Ordinary metal circulation coins are mainly designed and minted with themes of major Chinese and foreign events, festivals, anniversaries and rare animals. Its face value is generally: one dime, one yuan, five yuan, ten yuan, etc., which can be listed and circulated at the same value as ordinary paper renminbi.

  Special metal circulation coins, namely gold and silver coins. The subject matter is wide, the craftsmanship is exquisite, the appreciation is strong, and most of them are issued in complete sets. There are also round coins, square coins, color coins and fan-shaped coins. The denominations are five yuan, ten yuan, three hundred yuan, five ten yuan, one hundred yuan, five hundred yuan, one thousand yuan, etc. The issue price is generally equal to tens or hundreds of times the face value. Therefore, commemorative coins, while serving as general equivalents of special commodities, also have high collection, value preservation and investment value. The commemorative medal is different. It does not belong to the category of currency. It only has the commodity attributes of handicrafts, not coins.

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