The concept and classification of stainless steel

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28

The concept of stainless steel jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry refers to various kinds of jewelry made of stainless steel 304, 316, 316L and other metal materials through various processing techniques that are suitable for human wear, including uninlaid and inlaid jewelry Stainless steel jewelry of jade. As a stainless steel material, it should have the following characteristics.

①The source is scarce, the mining, beneficiation, and smelting technology is complex, the cost is high, and the price is high;

②The chemical properties are stable, especially not easy to be oxidized and discolored, and insoluble in strong acids and alkalis. ;

③Bright color, dazzling (gold-plated, bling; polished, silver brilliance);

④It has good processing performance.

Therefore, stainless steel has naturally become the first choice for the jewelry industry. In the traditional sense, stainless steel jewelry refers to human body decorations such as rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, cuff buttons, lapel clips, hairpins, earrings, collar flowers, and collar pins. However, with the development of the times, its meaning Has been expanded and developed, stainless steel belt buckles, stainless steel spectacle frames, stainless steel watches and so on.

In addition, there are stainless steel ornaments including character ornaments, animal ornaments, plant ornaments, scenery ornaments and utensil ornaments.

Classification of stainless steel jewelry

According to different classification principles, basis and standards, the classification of stainless steel jewelry can be divided into different types according to different classification principles, basis and standards. The classification of stainless steel jewelry can be divided into different types.

1. According to the different materials of jewelry making, it can be divided into stainless steel jewelry and titanium steel jewelry.

Second, according to the intention of the jewelry designer, it can be divided into commercial jewelry and artistic jewelry.

3. According to the different processing technology or production technology of jewelry, stamping jewelry, casting jewelry, electroforming jewelry, filigree jewelry and inlaid jewelry, etc. Among them, stainless steel and other metals are used as the tire, and jewelry inlaid with various gems is used as inlaid jewelry; the jewelry made of stainless steel drawn into filaments, tailor-welded into various patterns and matched with gems is called filigree jewelry; electroformed jewelry It is made by plating one or several layers of electroplated metal on the wax touch; casting jewelry and stamping jewelry refer to the jewelry produced in batches with casting machines and stamping machines.

Four. According to the gender of the wearer of stainless steel jewelry, it can be divided into male wearing jewelry and female wearing jewelry. Male jewellery is generally rough and bold, while female jewellery is small and slender.

Fifth, according to the part where the stainless steel jewelry is worn, it can be divided into several types such as head ornaments, necklaces, hand ornaments, ear ornaments, chest ornaments and foot ornaments.

Six. According to the structure and style of stainless steel jewelry, it can be divided into rings, bracelets (including bracelets), necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, lapel clips, collar pins, cufflinks, etc.

Seven. From the perspective of practicality and appreciation, it can be divided into ornaments, carved flowers, plain gold, tableware, craft gifts and so on.

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