The badge customization is not troublesome, but you didn’t find the right way

by:Ipromo     2021-06-15

The outstanding life is all produced in the third quarter, and many companies hold large and medium-sized celebrations such as anniversary celebrations and corporate annual meetings at the end of the year, or use the autumn colors to hold company exercises. Then it is inevitable that some products such as stamps, commemorative medals, commemorative medals, and medals must be ordered.

This kind of relatively small memorial, if the design is too vulgar, it will be said that there is no creativity, but it jumps out of the stamp in everyone's category, and it is not good for a while. Which ones are called creative and have? Creativity. The big guys in the company joked: I want to customize the badges, it’s too difficult...

Today, I will tell everyone how this kind of customization should be done. .

1. Naturally, the design drawing is determined. The interior designer of the company can write, or find gifts for everyone. Everyone has a technical and professional design department that can give you design ideas such as badges and medals.

The second step after clarifying the design drawing is to clarify the materials for the badge and medal.

1 High-end metal materials, commemorative badges, commemorative badges

This kind of custom is mostly used for commemorative badges, badges, etc. The quality is exquisite and very high. The exquisite gold foil paper glyphs ensure that each step is delicate and smooth, and it is beautiful and elegant, which is in line with the honor of commemorative medal and badge winners. And with independent innovation and technical depiction, the font style on the commemorative plate is clear and the pattern design is bright and colorful, highlighting the quality.

2Spray paint badge signs

The raw materials for spray paint badges are copper, iron, zinc alloy materials, etc. Most of the badges are made of copper. The surface layer of the badge generally has a significant three-dimensional effect, and the layering is very good. Adding spray paint and crystal glue will make it smoother and brighter. The wire frame is clear and colorful. Compared with the price of cloisonné enamel badges, it is more cost-effective and cost-effective. It is the preferred plan for making high- and mid-range badges.

3 golden high-quality copper stamps

Natural copper stamps can be selected immediately for stamping stamps of this type. The overall metallic luster, no need to worry about the color cast of the printed crystal glue , Also very advanced. In order to choose this kind of golden style, it is more airy and more durable. In addition, the mold can also be hollowed out and carved, and the actual effect is very beautiful and beautiful.

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