The advantages and disadvantages of zinc alloy and stainless steel doors

by:Ipromo     2021-06-03

1. Material

Zinc alloy anti-theft window is composed of base material and accessories. Zinc alloy anti-theft window accessories

The base material of zinc alloy anti-theft window is high-temperature hot-dip galvanized material. Liquid penetrates into the steel, special zinc steel alloy, hot-dip galvanized material surface can be non-corrosive for up to 30 years without any treatment in the field environment, such as: highway fences, high-pressure towers are high-temperature hot-dip galvanized materials, and their rust resistance is long In 30 years, it has completely solved the aesthetic and safety problems of anti-theft windows for many years. Zinc alloy anti-theft window accessories are modified high-strength engineering nylon with a service life of more than 50 years. Its strength and hardness are much higher than ordinary steel. It can withstand a pressure of more than 183MPA per square meter. The tensile strength of 2729MPA can withstand the following high temperature 220 No deformation at ℃.

Second, process

Zinc alloy anti-theft window technology

1. Zinc alloy anti-theft window has no welding connection, which is inserted and assembled vertically and horizontally. Compared with traditional stainless steel, which requires welding technology, anti-theft windows are simpler to manufacture, more efficient to install, and more beautiful in appearance. 2. The base material of the zinc alloy anti-theft window consists of six layers, namely: (1) Steel layer (base steel): base material with a hardness value of 159DPN; (2) Zinc steel alloy layer (Zeta layer): the nearest layer A Dense alloy layer, complex structure, strong corrosion resistance, combined with FeZn7 and FeZn13, hardness value 211DPN, containing 7%-11% (3) Lead layer (Delta layer): significant (4) Pure zinc layer (Eta Layer): dense hexagonal crystal system, deformation is not easy to break, zinc purity 98.5%, hardness (hardness), hardness, corrosion resistance, hardness of 179DPN; value 70DPN; (5) high phosphide zinc layer: with good resistance Corrosion and enhance the adhesion of the coating to the substrate; (6) Akzo-Nobel color molecules from the high-temperature cured layer: excellent corrosion resistance and impact resistance, excellent UV resistance, oxidation resistance and surface self-resistance Clean performance, color change rate does not exceed 5% in 15 years.

Edit this paragraph features and advantages

Compared with traditional stainless steel as the base material of anti-theft windows, zinc alloy anti-theft windows have the following characteristics and advantages: 1. Free welding component design and installation fast and convenient. 2. Four anti-corrosion treatments, with a service life of more than 20 years, can solve the problems of corrosion, chalking, and cracking of traditional products in a short period of time, without the need to repair and update the products. 3. Good decoration and rich colors to meet the different needs of different customers for individual products. 4. It is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, and solves the problem of common products polluting buildings. 5. It has good flexibility, and the base steel and flexible fence products have good impact resistance. 6. The surface is treated by the electrostatic spraying and imitation porcelain process, so that the fence products have good self-cleaning performance, rainproof and spray gun spraying can be as smooth as new. 7. Buried installation method and pedal installation, which save you the cost of foundation construction, and also save land resources. 8. Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and humidity resistance, suitable for use in different fields.

Edit this paragraph installation method First of all, built-in installation

Built-in installation refers to the installation of zinc alloy anti-theft windows inside the windows, which not only protects the safety of a single building, but also maintains the unity of the entire building The overall image of the appearance. In order to pursue the unification of the overall appearance, some residential areas avoid different owners from installing different types of anti-theft windows, or some owners install anti-theft windows, some owners do not install them, resulting in inconsistent appearance of the area, unified use of built-in installation, both anti-theft and beautiful .

Second, external installation

External installation refers to the installation of zinc alloy anti-theft windows on the outside of the window, but it is also a common method of installing zinc alloy anti-theft windows. Most owners are using external installation . External installation features: 1, does not affect the normal use of the inner window. 2. The outside constitutes the first security barrier, which is better against theft. 3. Convenient installation and maintenance. 4. Compared with a single building, the appearance is more beautiful.

Three, protruding installation

Zinc alloy anti-theft windows with protruding installation The 'bay window' usually refers to the installation of anti-theft windows, and the installation method of using the original window area is increased to make the window outside The facade has a smooth surface and a large building. Use protruding installation, the top needs to install a refuge, the bottom is installed with a bracket for the convenience of home users, and the top can also be installed with a drying rack. Convex installation features: 1. Increase the use of building area. Clothes can be installed on the protruding part of the clothes, or they can be raised on the flowers to place sundries. 2. The production method is more complicated. Compared with the other two installation methods, the production method of the zinc alloy anti-theft window with prominent installation is more complicated and laborious.

Edit the commonly used colors in this paragraph

Currently, the common colors of zinc alloy anti-theft windows on the market are white, green and black. White is generally used for steel windows, green is generally used for aluminum windows, and black, also known as gold and steel, is a new color that appears on the market and matches dark windows such as black and brown.

Edit this paragraph of anti-theft introduction

In order to effectively prevent theft and robbery of residents’ personal and property security threats, most residential areas have begun to establish 'air defense, physical defense, and technical defense'. Trinity safety control system. Among them, air defense refers to district security and defense owners, technical defense refers to the use of monitoring probes and other technical prevention, and the installation of anti-theft windows is an important means of material defense. According to Article 4 of the 'Regulations on the Construction and Management of Urban Residential Housing Safety Facilities' promulgated by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Public Security, 'Urban residential housing security facilities must have security functions such as tampering, kickback, anti-climbing, leaping, and anti-climbing. 'The zinc alloy anti-theft window plays an important role in the field of material defense due to its sturdy material and scientific installation.

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