That key opened my heart!

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

The most memorable thing in the world is affection, the hardest thing to distinguish is family affection, and the hardest thing to hate is ruthlessness.

Maybe I have grown up, maybe there are too many small things in my heart, maybe...maybe...

because of too many 'maybeI gradually estranged from my father. How I want to hug my father's neck and act like a baby, how I want to open up my heart to talk to my father... And all of this is because I am a naive boy and become far away.

Every day, in addition to my dad saying a few words like 'school is over' and 'um' to me, I will hide in a small room and face the window Think about it.

But one day...

After school, my father was not at home. I went straight into the room and found a book with a lock on the table. A golden key was lying beside it, and a note beside it read:

Silly son:

From the look in your eyes, you have something on your mind, use it to let the story in your heart fly...

Father is today

My Tears couldn't help but flow, it turns out that my father still understands me. I put the little book quietly in my school bag, only to find that there was only one key. I thought that Dad did it just to know what was in my mind, so it took half a month for that book to be released.

Another day...

Silly son:

Why don’t you pour out your thoughts What? Is it rare to feel bored in your heart?


My nose was sore again, and I took out the notebook and found that another key was actually caught in the notebook. I misunderstood my dad. I wrote a note:

Good dad:

My son’s heart is no longer locked up. This lock has been opened by your sincere affection, you are my good father!

Sincerely, my son

The paper is folded into a '8' shape and placed on his desk. Dad came back, I secretly looked at him and smiled, and I smiled too. Because I have a dad who understands me.

Since then, I haven't stared at the window to think about anything, because I have a dad who understands me, and he gave me tenderness.

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