Ten principles that should be followed in the process of metal medal customization

by:Ipromo     2021-06-06

Metal medal customization'>The common materials for metal medal customization mainly include aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, etc., and it is also made of stone, wood, resin, organic, or even a combination of several . So what principles should be followed in the medal customization process?

 1, the style should be generous

  The first factor that a medal has is the style and style of the design, the shape should be special, and it should be refined and not vulgar, which is a rare type on the market .

 2, the layout should be clean

   the colorful layout, I believe no one will like it. The cleanness here does not mean dirty, but mainly refers to chaos and disorder.

 3. The details should be perfected

   There will be many details in the metal medal customization that need to be carefully refined. In addition to the main major aspects, it is necessary to pay more attention to the local details. of. For example, what type of wooden support and what kind of backboard to use with it is not to be underestimated.

 4. The primary and the secondary are clear.

   Metal medal customization is necessary to determine the primary and secondary requirements for styles and styles, content and text, and awards and awards. It must be manifested in the high-end production materials, or in the craftsmanship of the production.

 5. The material is better

  Materials For the current demand users, it is obvious that bronze and stainless steel can no longer meet the high-end needs of customers. The choice of materials determines the customization of metal medals. Whether it is high-end.

  6. The content must be correct.

   When the medals of advanced and civilized units are often required to be high-end, the easiest thing to ignore is the correct content. When making, it is very important to verify and verify the content.

 7, the packaging should be exquisite

   packaging is like every one of our dresses and clothes, the color matching emphasizes natural beauty, generous and decent, high-end medal packaging, in its selection , The focus is on matching. It is very elegant to use ordinary paper boxes or high-grade wooden brocade boxes. How to pack depends entirely on the high-end and authority of the recipient.

 8. The production process must be careful

   What kind of production process and production process will make the medal show its original value orientation in terms of high-grade and uniqueness.

 9. The price should be reasonable

   One penny for one commodity has always been the law of value for any industry and any commodity. It is difficult to obtain high-end products at very low prices.

 10, the font should be standard

   many medals, claiming to be high-end medals, but fonts are not used, which font is set for the headline and which font is set for the body , I don't know at all. All commonly used fonts need to be understood.

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