Take inventory of the scams often encountered in hardware stores, how many have you encountered?

by:Ipromo     2021-06-11
Recently, a female salesperson promoted high-end locks, and the news that the owner of a hardware store was cheated of tens of thousands of dollars has blown up the circle of friends. There are so many tricks and tricks that people can't guard against. While worrying about their own 'propertyIn order to protect everyone from being deceived, the editor specially sorted out some scams often encountered in hardware stores to remind everyone to be careful of being deceived.

Female salesmen promote advanced locks

A woman dressed up in the workplace sells a 'luxury door lock' worth 398 yuan. Don't put the money in your hardware store. If you sell one, you can get a profit of 88 yuan. Of course, such a 'good thing' Particularly tempting, and even better, someone specifically looked for this type of lock and dropped a large order. So the owner of the hardware store found the 'manufacturer' (the contact information given by the saleswoman) to purchase the goods and paid a large deposit in advance. Just after the hardware store owner paid the deposit, the plot began to reverse: the man who threw the order never showed up again, the female salesman did not deliver the door lock, and the phones of both were turned off. The hardware owner was just like the beginning of the dream. Wake up, I was deceived.

'Teacher' called and asked the hardware store owner to help order disinfectant

A person who claimed to be a 'teacher' called the owner of the hardware store to order a large hardware order to relax his vigilance. Later, I will say that I want to order disinfectant and ask the hardware store if there is any disinfectant. There must be no disinfectant in the hardware store. Most of the scammers asked the hardware boss to help order dozens of boxes of a certain 'manufacturer' on the grounds that the relationship with the manufacturer had been stalemate before, and promised to give a rebate. And this disinfectant manufacturer will generally say that during this period of time, the factory will do a promotion, and you can buy more at a discount, but you must pay a deposit first. In the end, the owner of the hardware store remitted the deposit to the other party, but the 'teacher' disappeared.

Selling goods on behalf of others, but encountering ‘fishing’ against counterfeiting

Trial sales and agency sales of goods are a very common phenomenon in hardware stores. If the goods are sold well, the store will consider continuing to cooperate with the manufacturer. If the goods are not sold well, the salesman will take their own products, but no Thinking that this is the most common business, I was taken advantage of by scammers. It is normal for a few customers to call the store to buy a hardware product sold on behalf of the store and ask for a receipt. However, after a while, the scammer came to the store and insisted that they were selling fake products and asked for a receipt. Either you spend money privately, or you meet the requirements in the court, and then many hardware store owners have actually received court summons. Many merchants also thought that they had sold fake products and chose Xishining for a loss. In the end, they spent tens of thousands of dollars and chose to go private.

In fact, if you carefully review these scams, they seem to be rigorous but have loopholes. The reason why a large number of people are always deceived is that the scammers took advantage of the eagerness of the hardware store owner to seek money. The editor is here to remind everyone: Facing the “pies” falling from the sky, you should keep your eyes open at all times and conduct careful investigations on salesmen and manufacturers. Don’t get hotheaded and fall into the trap of liars as soon as interests are involved. . In addition, if you find that you have been deceived, you should immediately call the police to seek legal help. Don't choose to be private and encourage unhealthy trends.
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