Survey on market share of pvc soft keychain and emerald keychain

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28

Many of us nowadays when giving gifts to friends or family members, keychains often become a very suitable choice. And for such a small gift, it is often better to express our intentions, so our current product market tends to attract more people’s attention, and the various types that appear in the current market are There are many, such as the soft plastic keychain that we love Puro craftsmanship is one of them.

Then there is the emerald keychain. This kind of product is very popular in our market now. This kind of product is mainly because it can have an inherent color of emerald, which is for many of our girls. I love this color very much, and it often brings a comfortable and noble feeling. At the same time, a gold and silver keychain is also very popular now. This product is more popular in the last two years, and it is also fashionable in shape, because it can have multiple shapes such as single ring, double ring, etc., even There can also be multiple groups, so that we can truly show our individuality.

For pvc soft keychain, it is a very important product on the market now, and it is also the most noticed product in the market, and it is often They are all produced using the glue dispensing process, so such a product is also very popular in the market. First of all, the first aspect is the belt-type keychain. The main feature of this product is that it is light and exquisite. At the same time, it is often possible to choose more different combinations in the process of use. For example, we love Puro craftsmanship. Many products and necklaces are very similar in style. Secondly, we must also know that the current fancy metal keychains are also very popular, and this product is somewhat different from our ordinary products. Generally speaking, you can have many different shapes, and these shapes are big Most of them are irregular, and they can bring us a variety of combinations of different personalities.

As the pace of our lives continues to accelerate, people feel physical fatigue and stress. Therefore, we need a simple, convenient, cost-saving, multi-functional keychain to decorate our simple and boring life, let small decorations add a touch of sentiment to our life, and let this small decoration change us Quality of life.

For example, a keychain that is very popular with everyone nowadays is the car keychain. Now that the number of people who own private cars has increased, many people will need car keys almost every day. Therefore, the beauty of this kind of keychain is also very important to everyone, and the keychain is not only very used, but also a lot of The style allows different people to choose different keychains. Generally speaking, the most common product is PVC soft rubber material, and this kind of product can also choose the style according to the user's needs, and the manufacturing cost is also very low, which has won the love of many friends.

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