Small hardware

by:Ipromo     2021-06-17

Small hardware

Traditional hardware products, also called 'small hardware'. Refers to various metal devices manufactured by forging, rolling, cutting, and other physical processing of metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily-use hardware, construction hardware, and security supplies. Most small hardware products are not final consumer goods. Rather, they are used as industrial manufacturing supporting products, semi-finished products, and tools used in the production process. Only a small part of daily-use hardware products are consumer tools necessary for people's lives.

In the national economic industry classification of the National Bureau of Statistics, the manufacturing industry ranks the third largest industry. Including: production and manufacturing of means of living, such as: agricultural and sideline products, food and beverage, tobacco, textiles, clothing, leather, wood furniture, printing and sports supplies, and pharmaceutical manufacturing; manufacturing of production materials, such as: petrochemicals, chemical fibers, rubber and plastics , Non-metal product manufacturing, metal smelting and processing, metal product manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, industry-specific equipment manufacturing, and transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical equipment, communications electronics, etc.

And related products in the classification of metal products in the manufacturing industry and general-purpose parts and components in the manufacturing of general equipment constitute 'small hardware' in the usual sense. It can be seen that'small hardware' is not an existing industry category, but a cross combination of the above-mentioned metal products-hardware products. In the entire manufacturing industry, the ‘small hardware’’s responsibility is to provide manufacturing enterprises with parts and production tools, rather than as final-use industry-specific equipment. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the important role of 'small hardware' in the social production process: 'small hardware' and manufacturing are an inseparable whole intertwined with each other.

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