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by:Ipromo     2021-06-13

   From the perspective of the fashion of the time, it was immoral for such beautiful cuffs to hide, so the cuffs were arranged to expose a few centimeters of the coat, so that the beautiful cuffs were fully displayed. When the suit and the shirt came together, the dressing rule of the shirt was also retained, and in the long run it became an important rule for wearing a suit. Since the cuffs are exposed to show beautiful cuffs, is it necessary to show the ordinary buttoned shirts of modern shirts? Yes, only when cufflinks are used, the cuffs need to be exposed on the suit and show you all kinds of beautiful cufflinks.

  Cufflinks are also a part of the clothes, how to use them? Reasonable matching, reflecting the taste of men. Friends who like to wear shirts have noticed the problem of cuff buttons. When it comes to dressing and matching, no detail can be given up.

   Use occasions for cuffs:

   1. Office occasions: white shirt with transparent or dark blue cufflinks, dark blue or black tie is recommended. It will produce a feeling of trust;

  2. Competition occasions: dark blue thick and straight striped shirt with metal texture cufflinks, tie with dark colors, easy to create a convincing effect;

  3. Party occasions: pink shirt with dark cufflinks and Oxford-style diagonal striped tie, which has a relaxing and casual feeling;

  4. Happy occasion: pink shirt with metal Color cufflinks and ties choose pink and purple two-color columns to make yourself look more energetic;

  5. Important occasions: gray shirts with silver cufflinks, bright silver monochromatic neckties, and elegant Effect, there are also image bonus points.

  Cufflinks are not available for every type of shirt. You must pay attention to the style of shirt cuffs that use cufflinks called French anti-pleated sleeves, etc. There are usually many shirts with special cuff designs. Dressed in formal occasions, and British executives who pay attention to tailoring will wear this shirt with cufflinks to the office.

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