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  Shenzhen Aipro Craft Products Co., Ltd. The main processes are: etching (biting board), press punching, paint injection (oil filling), wire drawing, silk screen printing, flat printing, spray painting, electroplating, epoxy resin, imitation enamel, zinc alloy Die casting, offset printing, etc. The materials can be aluminum, copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, tinplate, pewter, acrylic, PVC and other materials. Please provide the following information for customized badges:

  1: product graphics or samples;

  2: product size, thickness, material;

  3: plating color;

  4: provide domestic color number (CMYK) or PA*NE color number;


  5: Product production quantity and requirements, etc.;

   Please provide the badge vector draft or physical model in CorelDraw or Illustrator format from customers who need to customize or quote. Via: Email or call us directly contact.

  Metal signs are used more and more in various fields of modern society, and are widely used in electronic products, home appliances, machinery, and civilian products. Metal signs, acrylic signs, crystal signs, slate signs, PVC signs, plastic signs, etc.

What are the characteristics of the use of    metal signs:

  1. Functionality: The essence of the logo lies in its practicality. Not only that, but the logo can achieve Practical requirements, as well as viewing, attracting and infecting people, attracting people’s attention and leaving a deep impression, with irreplaceable functions, especially the legally effective logo and the special mission of safeguarding rights and interests;

  2. Accuracy: The first element of the logo is to be easy to understand, in line with the cognitive ability of the public, and the second is to be accurate, to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings, signs and signs can accurately understand the meaning expressed in a very short time. , Logos are generally used for a long time, not easy to change;

  3. Recognition: the distinctive features of logos are easy to identify in time, most of the logos are set to attract people’s attention, so the colors are bright Be eye-catching, catch your eyes, and quickly identify, but you also need to show the different meanings of the food itself and show the characteristics of the thing itself.

  The materials used to make metal signs are different, and their performances are also quite different. The performance of metal signs: The process performance of metal signs is described as follows:

   includes: Casting performance, forging performance, welding performance, cutting performance and heat treatment performance:

  1, static load: load with constant size or very slow change;

  2, impact load: Sudden increase or disappearance of the load;

  3. The mechanical properties of metal sign materials, the conceptual symbols and expression methods of various indicators, application conditions and range strength.

  The characteristics of traditional metal sign craftsmanship: Chinese traditional metal craftsmanship is endless, touching on many aspects of material life use and energy life habits, and the varieties are complex, and the technical characteristics are the same. We can show the characteristics of traditional metal craftsmanship from the two aspects of art and civilization.

  1. Artistic characteristics: Traditional metal craftsmanship is neither pure art nor pure skill. Different metals can produce different visual beauty and beauty through different processing techniques and technological procedures. Tactile beauty. The beauty of metal craftsmanship is the connection of material beauty, craftsmanship and artistic beauty;

  2. Civilization characteristics: traditional metal craftsmanship is a valuable historical resource. Art is to find the origin of civilization in constant return. However, the metal craftsmanship of traditional signs is the 'root' and the order of civilization. In today's high-speed opening of information, the inheritance of handwork and the roots of modern depiction have become an important issue for the opening of metal craftsmanship.

   'Customer-centric, honest and trustworthy to do distribution' service promise, always adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of 'quality, excellence in production, 'Strictly control product quality and exceed customer expectations' is our eternal purpose and pursuit.

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