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by:Ipromo     2021-06-12

  Shenzhen Aipro Craft Products Co., Ltd. The main processes are: etching (biting board), press punching, paint injection (oil filling), wire drawing, silk screen printing, flat printing, spray painting, electroplating, epoxy resin, imitation enamel, zinc alloy Die casting, offset printing, etc. The materials can be aluminum, copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, tinplate, pewter, acrylic, PVC and other materials. Please provide the following information for customized badges:

  1: product graphics or samples;

  2: product size, thickness, material;

  3: plating color;

  4: provide domestic color number (CMYK) or PA*NE color number;


  5: Product production quantity and requirements, etc.;

   Please provide the badge vector draft or physical model in CorelDraw or Illustrator format from customers who need to customize or quote. Via: Email or call us directly contact.

The concept of   metal sign:

  The ability of the metal sign material to resist plastic deformation or fracture under load;

   symbol means: yield strength σs——material generation Small stress at yield. The unit is Mpa;

   Tensile strength σb——the stress that the material bears before it breaks. The unit is Mpa;

  Application conditions and scope: The main basis for designing mechanical parts and selecting materials.

The advantages of    metal sign baking varnish process:

   baking varnish is a spray paint production process. The method is: on the basis of polishing the metal sign to a certain degree of roughness, spray several layers of paint on the bottom. And after high-temperature baking, the process currently has higher requirements for paint and good color rendering. The baking varnish is divided into two categories, one is low temperature baking varnish, and the other is high temperature baking varnish.

The process of    baking varnish is widely used in metal signs and is suitable for various materials. This kind of craft is also very popular and sought after by consumers. The appearance is magnificent, the hand feels soft and delicate, there is a subtle metal texture, and the layering can completely bring out the quality of the metal sign!

   There are a variety of processes for the surface treatment of metal signs. The common ones are electroplating, enamel, silk screen, baking varnish, etc. The surface process of metal signs is determined according to the use of their own products. . Its main purpose is to let the advantages of metal signs play a long time and not fade.

  Metal signs are increasingly used in various fields of modern society, and are widely used in electronic products, home appliances, machinery and civilian products. Metal signs, acrylic signs, crystal signs, slate signs, PVC signs, plastic signs, etc.

   We believe that 'creating for our peers means achieving a career for ourselves.' Looking forward to working with new and old customers to create a brilliant tomorrow! Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life, new and old customers to order drawings and samples, come and inquire to discuss cooperation matters!

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