Shanghai tie clip, a well-known college tie clip custom phone

by:Ipromo     2021-06-28

Usage of    tie clip:

   should be used when wearing a suit, which means that there is no need to use a tie clip when wearing a long-sleeved shirt, let alone a jacket. When wearing a suit, use a tie clip, which should be pinned to a specific position, that is, counting from top to bottom, between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt, fasten the tie clip, and then fasten the button of the suit jacket , The tie clip should generally not be visible from the outside. Because in accordance with the rules of makeup etiquette, the main purpose of the tie clip is to fix the tie. If it is slightly exposed, it makes sense. If it is not too close, or even close to the shirt collar button, it will be overstated.

   There are generally only two types of people who can use tie clips. One is for people with particularly high status and the other is the opposite. If you really want to use it, it's better not to see it. The tie clip can reflect the gentleman's demeanor of men, is more tasteful, and shows the fashion of modern people. Once you have mastered the usage of the tie clip, you can use the tie clip correctly. In formal occasions, you can clip the tie on the shirt lapel so that the tie will look straighter and will not be blown up by the wind, and it will not hang straight to the ground when you bend over.

  Tie clip introduction:

   is used to fix the tie without fluttering, and clamp the tie and the shirt at the top and bottom of the fourth to fifth buttons. A kind of metal jewelry together. But now he also has a variety of materials, including diamonds and gems, and gold. It is often needed when wearing a suit on general occasions.

The role of    tie clip:

   clip the tie on the shirt placket, so that the tie will look straighter and will not be blown up by the wind or bend When the waist is not straight to the ground. Show respect for others and courtesy.

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